Will ‘Agatha Raisin’ Ashley Jensen’s New Mystery Series Get A Season 2?

There is a new Agatha on the lips of mystery fans, and that is Agatha Raisin, the hipper Miss Marple of the Cotswolds. Based on the mysteries of M.C. Beaton, the series Agatha Raisin premiered as a pilot/movie called Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death, which spurred an eight episode first season that has now gotten a following in the U.S. on Acorn TV after a run in the U.K. on Sky TV. Now fans of Agatha Raisin want to know if there will be a season 2.

The pilot movie and season one of Agatha Raisin is premiering right now on Acorn TV, a streaming service, according to the Inquisitr. With two of the eight episodes in the first season debuting each Monday, the mystery series that was popular on Sky one is now gaining a following in the United States. The series follows a London PR executive, Agatha Raisin, who has always dreamed of retiring to the Cotswolds, only to find that crime exists even in quiet English villages. With skills that rival Jessica Fletcher’s, Agatha seems to have a nose for murder.

The New York Times agrees that Agatha Raisin solving mysteries in the Cotswolds is a breath of fresh air in the world of murder and mayhem. And in the world of Agatha Raisin, it isn’t all gunshots and stabbings. In just the first season, Agatha Raisin needs to crack cases that include murder by quiche, being planted in a giant garden pot (head first), and being hung by the church bells. There is no case that Agatha can’t solve in only an hour, but the plot twists will keep you guessing.



The NYT calls Agatha Raisin “delightful” and says it’s proof that not all detectives “have to be brooding, whiskey-swilling clouds of gloom.” Ashley Jensen plays Agatha Raisin, a successful PR executive who thinks she can leave work behind to “do the things that people do” in the country, but she simply can’t leave solving crime to the police, who just leap on the most convenient answer. And like Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote fame, crime follows Agatha Raisin, even on a trip to the spa.

But also like Jessica Fletcher, who has friends around her that help flush out the sources of crime, Agatha has her former PR PA back in London, along with her housekeeper, the vicar’s wife, and her potential love interest to help her out with things get sticky.

And Agatha Raisin star Ashley Jensen thinks that Agatha has something for everyone, while not your cookie-cutter British detective mystery series. Agatha has an edge, and admits that even after the crime has solved, everything is not perfect, like her marriage to Jimmy Raisin, her ex who makes an appearance at the end of season one. The Mirror asked Jensen what would draw someone like Agatha to the Cotswolds.

“I think she has reached a point in her life where she has started to think: is this it? And she has always had a dream to go back to the Cotswolds, which was a place where she was happy. She had a difficult childhood and she had an unhappy marriage to a man who was an alcoholic.”

And though Agatha Raisin seems like a tough chick, Jensen plays her with a tough center that comes out in brief glimpses.

“I think Agatha wears the sharp haircut, the make-up, the incredibly structured ‘in control’ clothes almost like armor really. I think underneath she is rather fragile. But she sure as hell isn’t going to let anybody see that.”

Agatha gets sucked into every scenario that even smacks of crime, perfectly outfitted in stilettos. Sky One has not yet confirmed that there is a season two, but a decision is expected soon.

Are you watching Agatha Raisin?

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