Pietro Boselli: From The Hottest Math Teacher To The Only Perfect Human Male

Pietro Boselli is the hottest math teacher on the planet, and to-date no publication on Earth has dared to dispute the fact since its discovery last year. Fortunately or unfortunately for humanity, the accidental discovery has led the world into an even more important discovery. There is only one perfect, living human male on the planet. His name is Pietro.

He is a 28-year-old fashion model, engineer, and mathematician who surprisingly doesn’t carry any airs about him. Pietro Boselli seems to go through his life like any normal human being although his physical and metaphysical qualities are very far removed from normalcy. He is a living proof that someone who’s perfect need not come in an outrageously conceited package.

If for any reason someday mankind may face extinction, he should be the first on the list of males that the race must clone. Pietro Boselli is a genius which makes him a nerd but certainly doesn’t look the part. He is an alpha male with all the rights, attributes and privileges. Surprisingly, he has the humility of Clark Kent.

Women owe their gratitude to Arief Azli who in 2015 had the foresight to post a picture of his University College London (UCL) math teacher on Facebook. After all, Pietro Boselli is every inch God’s gift to women. Tech Insider explains as follows.

“The [Facebook] post ended up getting nearly 2,000 likes. Boselli was called the world’s hottest math teacher by publications ranging from People Magazine to The Guardian.”

Pietro Boselli has been modeling for Armani Junior since he was 6-years-old. Now he’s the face of Giorgio Armani’s EA7 athletic-inspired line.

“He also worked as a runway model for Armani after he turned 18 and has worked on campaigns with Moschino, Equinox, and Vogue,” Tech Insider adds.

WMagazine simply refers to Boselli as “a beautiful gift to the Internet.”

Pietro Boselli talks to The Guardian about his true passions, which are basically “maths, turbines and the number eight.”

“Never has the phrase mathematical model had such a delicious double meaning than in the case of Pietro Boselli, the Italian model and engineering lecturer whose academic specialism is mathematical modeling,” the source teases.

Aside from teaching the basic college maths, Pietro Boselli has also taught Modeling and Analysis, Computing, and Thermodynamics. He has finished his PhD in Engineering and will attend the graduation ceremony in September.

Asked at what age he discovered his true disciplinary passion, he tells The Guardian the following.

“The realization that I had an inclination for mathematics came when I was 15. I started really enjoying it at school and had fun solving problems at home. One of the most clearly recognizable events in my memory that I can quote as a spark of my interest in science was a book I read when I was 16, written by Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld, The Evolution of Physics.”

Boselli’s anatomy, based on his Armani modeling pictures, partakes of the pure elegance of the typical mathematical equation. Leonardo Da Vinci, the Italian artist and inventor, must have found a true patriot in Pietro Boselli had the latter been born in the former’s time. Pietro could have well been the inspiration for Da Vinci’s diagram on man’s ideal physical dimensions.

The commercial model doesn’t seem to have a single picture where he doesn’t look great, made up or not. No wonder Out Magazine calls him “the perfect male specimen.”

Just because he is the quintessential alpha male, doesn’t mean that Pietro Boselli doesn’t need to work on his physical assets. And this is what makes him the perfect male representative of the human race. His self-discipline is so legendary that he could have as well been an Olympian.

In fact, when it comes to muscular development which comes from training, Boselli could easily compete with Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte. Pietro started swimming when he was 5-years-old. He sometimes hits the gym two to three times a day. He also has a passion for trail and cross-country running. Here is Pietro Boselli’s personal statement on fitness.

“I always believed that fitness is about lifestyle, more than anything, Walking to places, taking the stairs, being up early in the morning, embracing outdoor activities and putting real effort and passion in the workouts.”

Nowadays, Pietro Boselli’s fitness concentration is on strength training. With his genius, discipline, studiousness, and determination, his perfect physical attributes — the chiseled looks, enviable body symmetry, and super sexy muscles — all his assets are certainly in good hands.

[Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images]

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