Jade TNA Domestic Violence Charge Could Be ‘Black Eye For WWE,’ Says Mister Saint Laurent

Jade of TNA (real name Stephanie Bell) has gone on the record with Huffington Post letting the world know she is a survivor of domestic abuse.

What she didn’t reveal is the name of her alleged abuser, but she left quite a few clues.

For starters, she said they were both wrestlers trying to make it in TNA at the time and were dating. A number of fans on the WrestleZone comment section re-reporting this story accused the wrestler by name.

Mister Saint Laurent, “out of respect” for Bell, didn’t go that far, but said he was aware of who Jade of TNA was dating at the time and that the individual was training with Team 3D (aka Bubba Ray and Devon, The Dudley Boyz).

With a serious charge like this one, it’s important to adopt an innocent-until-proven guilty approach, but that did not stop MSL from speculating that this story could be a bad one for WWE of all places. Here’s how.

WWE currently employs the Dudley Boyz as glorified enhancement talent for the up-and-coming tag teams. It also prides itself on being a progressive company that believes in inclusion, diversity, and women’s rights.

According to the story Jade of TNA tells HuffPo, one of her ex’s trainers — this would point the finger at either Bubba Ray or Devon, MSL interjects — “tried to talk me out of it” when she filed the order of protection against her ex.

“He [the trainer] said that I was hurting my ex’s career because I have a bigger name.”

MSL seized on this point on the latest edition of the MSL & Sullivan podcast.

“His trainer would be either Bubba Ray Dudley or Devon Dudley, and if you’re WWE, where right now, they’re so sensitive to domestic violence between Lawler and there’s been other incidents where guys they didn’t hire because they had domestic violence incidents in their past… if the media connects the dots that a current WWE wrestler was trying to talk a victim out of seeking help, that’s a black eye for the WWE.”

“I don’t know if the media has put the pieces together yet, but that’s going to be an interesting thing to track,” he added.

MSL also felt that Jade of TNA deserved a lot of applause for being willing to speak up “since this sort of thing is more common than people realize.”

In the interview with HuffPo, Jade commended TNA for how they helped her handle the situation with her alleged abuser, saying that they wouldn’t let him near her.

As for the abuse itself, she described how it started with being put in a headlock. From there, it grew to physical assaults that included head-butts and choking and “I realized that his mindset was because I’m not hitting you, it’s ok. Because I’m not leaving a mark on you, it’s ok.”

While it’s pretty clear that the wrestler in question won’t have much of a future with WWE — if fans are already connecting dots, the company will as well — the question remains, what should become of the Dudley Boyz if these allegations are true?

Also, how would you ever determine the truth to these allegations at all in a way that resulted in meaningful action?

If the WWE cuts ties with the Dudleys without proof that what Jade of TNA said is correct, then they’re doing longtime veterans a disservice.

If they do nothing, they could run the risk of being viewed as insensitive to domestic violence issues.

What do you think, readers?

Should there be fallout at WWE over Jade’s remarks? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Jade TNA Twitter account]

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