Tim Curry Endorses ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Reboot

While many fans were skeptical of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, some fans seem less against the reboot after hearing what original cast member Tim Curry had to say about the upcoming TV reboot.

As many know, Tim Curry originated the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, aka “Sweet Transvestite.” The role made Curry a famous star and brought on many opportunities for the actor. Many considered the role Curry’s breakout performance, and one that he’s still remembered for to this day. Curry passed the role on to Laverne Cox, an actress and a real life transfigure, who was on the cover of Time magazine for her break out year as a performer on Orange is The New Black.

Although Ms. Cox has huge shoes to fill, the actress is quickly becoming a legend and from the promos, seems like a perfect fit to bring her own twist on Frank-N-Furter. As for Tim Curry, while at the TCAs he recently gave his endorsement for The Rocky Horror Picture Show reboot. When asked if he’s giving his endorsement, Curry responded, “I do, indeed.”

Curry was at the Television Critics Association to talk about The Rocky Horror Picture Show TV reboot. Not only is he an original cast member from the film, but he’s the only one that has decided to return for the reboot. In the new vision, Curry will play the narrator.

Broadway vet and screen actor Ben Vereen, who plays Doctor Scott in the reboot, praised Tim Curry for his endorsement.

“Having Tim Curry greenlight this meant so much to myself and I’m sure for all of us. To have this man with us was it. For me, couldn’t wait to get there just to be able to work with Tim Curry. ”

As many know, for years it was rumored that Tim Curry refused to talk about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Allegedly, the actor wanted very much to step out of the image of the character that many knew him as. In 1975, when he was asked whether or not he was hesitant in taking on the role, Curry said that he was. “I was hesitant in that, if it worked, it might be a difficult image to shake off…”

In 1981, BuzzFeed quotes him as saying, “‘I have long since stopped trying to break the Rocky Horror image. Obviously I haven’t been typed-cast, I’m here, aren’t I?’

Decades later and Curry, who is wheelchair bound due to a stroke, was asked about his legacy. The actor deadpanned, “There’s not a lot I can do about it really.”

The last time we saw Tim Curry talk about The Rocky Horror Picture Show was last year, when the original cast reunited for the 40th anniversary of the film. The cast, which consisted of Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon, Meat Loaf, Patricia Quinn, and Curry all sat down together in front of NBC’s Joe Fryer to talk about the legacy of the movie and the cult that it spawned.

When asked if she had ever learned the time warp, actress Susan Sarandon, who played Janet in the film, said that the song followed her around a bit. “Absolutely. I’ve had to do it on numerous occasions.” Then, Curry chimed in, “It’s just a jump to the left. And a step to the right.”

Are you excited for The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

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