‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: Is Castiel Back In Action?

For a long time, it looked like Castiel was broken in Supernatural. He was down on his luck and acting like a wounded puppy. This is not the case with Season 12.

Misha Collins, who plays the angelic character, shared at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 that his character is back in action. Not only that, but he’s going to be the Castiel from Season 4. He is angry and wants to get some payback. He is done being a play thing for others and done trying to redeem himself for mistakes he’s made. It is time to be the soldier and leader that he has always been.

Christian Times shares the way Collins described Castiel in Supernatural Season 12. He says that he has been broken for a while and that isn’t the case anymore. He wants to fix things, and that will include things with Dean to get Sam back. Collins is certainly looking forward to playing the kick-some-butt angel in the way that he did back in Supernatural Season 4.

The latest trailer certainly makes it look like Cas is back in action. While he is only seen briefly, he is fighting and does have an extremely angry look on his face. It’s unclear whether he’s fighting a demon or one of the Men of Letters, but he is out for blood.

Castiel will likely work with Dean to get Sam back. Castiel will find out that when he was banished from the Men of Letters bunker, Sam was shot and taken by their attacker. He doesn’t know much, but it will be a start to get more answers to find out where Sam is. Right now, he believes that Dean is dead but it likely won’t take long for him to find out that Dean is actually alive and wants answers, too.

Supernatural has promised that Sam won’t be in danger for too long. It isn’t going to take a full season arc for Dean to find Sam. There are more important storylines to focus on.

It is likely going to work the same way Season 10 did with the “Deanmon” storyline. It took three episodes for Sam to find Dean and turn him back into a human. While fans found it disappointing, as there were so many other things that the writers could have done with Deanmon, it did help to keep the story moving forward.

The teaser shows that Sam will be tortured by the Men of Letters, but Jensen Ackles has said that his character, Dean, will quickly realize that Sam is missing. He will do anything to save his brother, who currently has no reason to believe that Dean is coming. Sam believes that Dean is dead, and may believe that there is no longer anything to fight for.

Supernatural has new executive producers, as the Inquisitr previously reported. This is likely going to help with the change in the characters. This is the first time that there will be two official showrunners, allowing them to bounce ideas between them. Both are Supernatural veterans, too, which helps. Andrew Dabb is the newer one of the two, but he was brought on as a writer in Season 4, so he remembers the original Castiel.

What do you think is in store for the Winchesters? Are you looking forward to a newer Cas, bringing him back to what he was when he was first introduced?

Supernatural Season 12 premieres on The CW on Thursday, October 13, 2016. Don’t forget to tune in to see a very angry Castiel, ready to set everything straight.

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