Joanna Wilson: Death Of NPC Bodybuilding Physique Competitor Spurs $20,000 GoFundMe Goal

Paula Mooney

As seen in the following photos and videos, Joanna Wilson was a woman who was dedicated to bodybuilding. Now, the world of bodybuilding is buzzing about the death of the NPC bodybuilding competitor, and Wilson's Facebook page is collecting condolences.

"Joanna Wilson was a huge inspiration to many in our community as well as others across the world. She genuinely believed in you, encouraging you to believe in yourself. She pushed you to strive to your full potential both in the gym as well as outside the gym. She was an amazing wife as well as mother to two kids. While in Las Vegas with her family and friends, she passed away due to health complications. This campaign was set up to support the heartbroken family. All proceeds will go directly to the family. Thank you."

Folks are reacting to Wilson's death on forums like Get Big and on social media. There are also several videos about the popular bodybuilder now available on YouTube.

Warning: The below videos contains explicit language that might be offensive to some viewers.

As reported by the Evolution of Bodybuilding, Joanna died Friday, July 29. The publication published the last photo that Wilson posted to social media. She was photographed with her husband, Jay Wilson, as they were on their way to Las Vegas. According to the report, Wilson was preparing for the 2016 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships and IFBB Pro Qualifier, which was held Friday, July 29, and Saturday, July 30, in Las Vegas.

Indeed, as most bodybuilding participants know, the week prior to a big competition is called "peak week. This is the week that competitors' bodies are expected to go through the most changes in a process that sometimes involves 12 or 16 weeks worth of previous preparations for a show.

It is not known if there were any existing heart conditions that may have exacerbated Joanna's death, or if diuretics, insulin or steroids were involved. Speculation is rampant online about what Wilson's cause of death may have been.

As seen in Adam's below Instagram post, which was also posted to Atkinson's Facebook page, he warned fitness competitors not to cut out water and sodium during the final week of their contest prep; calling water and sodium depletion, coupled with raising potassium levels, a dangerous cocktail that is reminiscent of the lethal injection process.