‘Scream’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 11: Heavenly Creatures [Video]

Scream Season 2 has finally arrived at its penultimate episode, and everything is starting to come out of the woodwork. There has been another murder and in Episode 11, titled “Heavenly Creatures,” Emma and Audrey are not going to be so lucky. For those who have been wondering all season long on Scream, there has always been a better than good reason that Audrey had been in contact with Piper. The details of that are still pretty murky, but true Scream can put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out why.

In the next episode of Scream, as reported by TV Guide, there are going to be plenty of details that will be spilling out of the closet, and the relationship between Emma and Audrey will be permanently changed. That does not mean for the better either.

Just consider what the two friends have been through on each episode of Scream, not to mention in their past when they were friends as little kids. They have been hunted and nearly killed on both seasons of Scream, and their body count around them has done nothing but double and triple, etcetera, infinity.

Let’s just take a moment before we get too far into this article about the next episode of Scream to step back and see what has happened that has gotten us to this point. For those who are wondering, this is the part of the article where we need to warn you about major SPOILERS that are coming up about the last episode of Scream. So if you do not want that episode of Scream ruined for you, run away!

But now that you are still with us, the last episode of Scream had such an intense degree of macabre scenes that it was a thrill ride from start to finish. Not only did this episode of Scream add to the seriously lacking body count for the season, but we also got the leftovers of last year’s killer back on an autopsy table.

As if it wasn’t enough that Emma and Audrey were seriously at odds with each other about the whole Piper thing, the next thing you need to do is throw yourself in the middle of a Noah and Zoe situation that leads the Scream characters from bad to worse.

Not only did Noah get duped into meeting up with Zoe at a secret place, but he also got a knife to the gut courtesy of the Scream killer. That was the part of the episode where Scream fans clenched their legs and just had to sit there and take it because the good guy was going down.

But then Scream takes us back to Emma and Audrey where the two get an instant video message from the Scream killer and it shows Noah, who was still alive, buried somewhere. Just like in true Scream fashion, the killer leads them on a scavenger hunt to find out where Noah is, only to end up at a barn with yet another dead pig.

Both girls are really stressed out at that point and the conversation quickly turns into a story about them and their falling out so long ago. That is where the big reveal came that Audrey was in love with Emma, and apparently, she still is. They end up finding Noah buried under the pig, but poor Zoe was not so lucky and when they got to her, she had been long dead.

So in the next episode of Scream, Emma and Audrey are about to get deeper into the game than they care to, now that they have become the two main suspects in the Scream murder spree.

[Image via MTV]