How Katy Perry’s Sparkly DNC Dress Sparked The Pregnancy Rumors

Katy Perry sparked the pregnancy rumors when she walked out in a sparkly gown at the Democratic National Convention last week. The singer was ready to get the audience rising and roaring before Hillary Clinton gave her speech.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry, 31, walked out in a body-conscious gown that featured sparkly silver horizontal stripes. Perry’s stylist, Leslie Fremar, spoke to People’s Style Watch about the singer’s gown that made the pregnancy rumors swirl. Some of Perry’s fans took to Twitter to ask if she was pregnant with Orlando Bloom’s baby. but more on that later. Fremar revealed that while the dress got people talking, it was supposed to be reminiscent of the American flag.

“There was definitely a nod to the flag. She was wearing stars and stripes, but she wasn’t wearing an American flag, literally, and that was intentional. We were trying to make it a little bit more serious but still playful.”

Fremar and her styling team made sure that the dress looked perfect after just two fittings right before the DNC. Perry complimented her look with a “Stars and Stripes” Bulgari collection circa 1970s necklace and ring, “dainty” gold Jane Taylor earrings, and red nail polish. Her dress was designed by American designer Michael Kors, according to a previous report on The Hollywood Reporter, which was fitting for the patriotic occasion.

“When we were looking at different options, we were trying to support an American brand; That was especially important in this arena,” Fremar explained. “I think that it worked out very nicely that we could support an American company.”

Perry’s stylist also explained why the outlandish singer didn’t want to make an appearance in one of her usual Latex dresses or colorful costumes. Basically, she didn’t want to look like a character and take the attention away from Hillary Clinton. Perry wanted to look “elegant and sophisticated” for the event, and that, she did.

Katy Perry
Now, back to the pregnancy rumors. According to a previous report via, Perry’s fans speculated whether she is pregnant. Some even took to Twitter to write “Is Katy Perry Pregnant” during the singer’s performance. During her appearance, Perry got the crowd going with her performances of “Rise” and “Roar.” She also gave a speech endorsing Clinton right before Clinton’s own daughter, Chelsea, came out to give a touching tribute.

Check out Katy Perry’s performance at the DNC, in case you missed it.

Here are some the comments during Katy Perry’s DNC performance.

Perry’s boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, was also there in attendance. During Perry’s performance, the camera panned over to Bloom watching his girlfriend sing and capturing it on his phone. Backstage at the convention, Bloom couldn’t keep his hands off the beauty, according to a report via Hollywood Life.

The couple looked quite cozy after she gave her winning performance. Bloom immediately went backstage to greet her and take Perry’s hand as they walked through the crowd. He was seen wearing a black velvet blazer with a white button-down shirt and black trousers.

But, it looks like Perry is not pregnant, after all. The couple stripped down during their recent steamy beach trip in Italy. As seen in the new photos published in the Daily News, Bloom stripped down to nearly nothing on a paddleboard while Perry wore a yellow tie-dye bikini. Bloom was wearing black trunks earlier on that day, but he decided to go full commando while Perry only showed off her taut and tight stomach.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been dating for eight months. They first sparked the dating rumors when they were spotted flirting and dancing at the Golden Globes after-party.

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