Melania Trump: New York Post Publishes Nude Pics And Women Everywhere Are Furious [Video]

Melania Trump has gotten a lot of bad press lately, but it appears that the New York Post has just taken things way too far. Melania first made headlines as Donald Trump’s model wife, an immigrant and the potential First Lady following her man on the election trail. Then, Melania gave her infamous RNC speech, a speech that many believe was directly lifted from a speech Michelle Obama gave at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

This week, Melania Trump made headlines when it was uncovered that her personal biography might not be entirely truthful. Her website claimed that she is a college graduate. When a few folks did some digging and told the world that Melania had only attended college for a year before heading off to pursue her modeling career, that same website mysteriously vanished.

Now, the New York Postis featuring Melania Trump for all the world to see. Unfortunately for the prospective First Lady, the periodical published a slew of risque photo of Mrs. Trump, photos in which she is nearly nude and next to nothing is left to the imagination, reports Heavy.

The reaction to the x-rated pics of Melania Trump has been mixed. Some people think that a woman who would pose in the buff lacks the dignity and class to be the First Lady and has no future in the White House.

Others find the nude pics, posted in a right-wing publication owned by Rupert Murdoch of Fox News fame to be an attempt to sell some sex and divert attention from the fact that Donald Trump just insulted the memory of a dead Muslim soldier, then insulted his grieving parents to boot. Not to mention that Mr. Trump has been repeatedly accused of being the pockets of the Russians (or having Putin in his pocket).

Still others are accusing the Democrats of “body shaming” for questioning the appropriateness of a potential First Lady baring all for the camera.

However, despite the differing views on the nude pictures of Melania Trump in the New York Post, women everywhere are largely furious that Melania’s naked pics are now being used to demean her. Twitter has blown up with people condemning the shaming of Melania.

As Twitchy reports, a lot of ladies the world over (and a goodly number of men) are none-too-happy with a woman being “slut-shamed” for any reason, let alone political gain. The photographs of Melania Trump that the New York Post decided to blast on its cover this weekend are decades old. They were taken (with her consent) as part of a professional photo shoot back in 1995, when she was still Melania Knauss, an aspiring young model.

The photographs, which feature the future Mrs. Donald Trump clad in nothing more than heels, were published in Max magazine back in 1996. The now-defunct publication ceased to exist a decade ago, and the New York Post didn’t mention in its revealing article how it managed to get publication rights for the nude photos of Melania Trump.

Regardless of what strings the New York Post pulled in order to publish the photographs, women from both sides of the political aisle largely agree that it was wholly inappropriate for the publication to use Mrs. Trump’s professional modeling history in an attempt to demean or disparage her.

The New York Post’s almost unbelievable decision to post the naked pictures of Melania Trump brings to mind the recent incident of Dani Mathers, a Playboy model who body-shamed a fellow gym-goer in L.A. In that instance, Mathers took a naked photo of another woman as she showered, unbeknownst to her. She then added insult to injury by posting the image on social media along with disparaging remarks about the woman’s body.

The Wrap reports that the victim in the Dani Mathers case could potentially recover a million dollars or more in civil damages related to that body-shaming incident.

In the case of Melania Trump and the New York Post, it remains to be seen what legal avenue (if any) Mrs. Trump may pursue against the publication. So far, her social media-loving husband hasn’t taken to Twitter to speak out for or against the nude photos. However, the Trump campaign has commented, and Donald’s political handlers have assured the world that Melania Trump’s naked New York Post pics are “nothing to be ashamed of.”

What do you think? Is it okay to use naked pictures to shame a political rival or their spouse? Did the release of these pictures constitute a violation of privacy? Did the New York Post cross the line into actually “demeaning” and “shaming” Melania Trump?

[Image via Debby Wong/Shutterstock]