‘Basketball Wives LA’: Brandi Maxiell Admits That Shaunie O’Neal Comments Are The Reason She Can’t Let Go Of Their Feud

The drama from last season of Basketball Wives LA continues to spill over into Season 5 with Brandi Maxiell and Shaunie O’Neal. Brandi is back on the VH1 reality show even though Shaunie famously fired her and now the awkwardness between the two women is causing problems for the rest of the cast.

It turns out that Brandi still isn’t over her feud with Shaunie from Season 4, because she feels like the BBWLA executive producer wasn’t telling the truth about her after their rift. Both Brandi and Shaunie have admitted that Brandi called and apologized for her part in their fight. However, Shaunie said she got upset all over again when she heard her reality TV foe doing interviews after the fact and continuing to trash her.

It turns out that Brandi was upset because Shaunie O’Neal said in her own interview that she had called several times but not to apologize. Instead, O’Neal claimed that the calls were simply Maxiell making sure she had a job.

In a Basketball Wives LA sneak peek, all of the women are gathered together and the silence in the air is deafening. Malaysia Pargo speaks up first and mentions how awkward the whole situation is. That’s when Brandi admits that she really didn’t want to go first.

“Shaunie, you’re the boss right?” Maxiell began. “You started it all. You had your posse come to me and tell me I need to apologize. So you need to start it.”

That’s when Brandi explained to Shaunie that she was upset about the interview where the BBWLA boss claimed that she was basically freaking out about losing her reality TV gig.

“Well from my understanding you had some issue with an interview that I supposedly did and talked about you. I just need to know what that interview was,” Shaunie replied after hearing her out.

According to Enstars, the interview was done back in December after Season 4 of Basketball Wives LA ended. Shaunie didn’t back down either, and told Brandi and the rest of the women that she did, in fact, call several times. Then she also pointed out that it was during one of those calls when Brandi pressed to find out if she had a job for the coming season or not.

Despite Shaunie O’Neal claiming that Brandi Maxiell actually was more concerned about returning for the next season of the reality show than anything else, Brandi said that’s not what happened at all. She maintains that she only called O’Neal to apologize and nothing more.

Since Season 5 of Basketball Wives LA started, Brandi Maxiell has made it clear that Shaunie O’Neal is not her boss and never will be. Brandi continues to act as if she really doesn’t need the reality TV gig and doesn’t care if O’Neal tried to fire her again this season.

Shaunie doesn’t even seem bothered by the Brandi drama anymore. Rather than squash the beef with her reality TV enemy, she made it pretty clear that she just doesn’t even care. Certainly, if it were up to the BBWLA boss, she would fire Brandi all over again. Of course, she also knows that all this drama makes for good TV and right now, this VH1 show needs all the help it can get.

Do you think that Brandi Maxiell and Shaunie O’Neal will continue to feud or will they squash the beef during Season 5? Tell us what you think of this Basketball Wives LA drama in the comments section below.

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