iPad Pro 2 Predictions Hit The Internet

Last year, the first 12.9-inch iPad Pro was announced in September and released in November. It hasn’t reversed the sales drop of Apple’s iPad line, but a lot of people still like the device. Wired gave the device four and a half stars.

“The iPad Pro is a fantastic tablet, not to mention the first iPad in ages that has an obvious value next to our giant smartphones. It starts as a big, powerful, beautiful screen, and with the right accessories and apps can be almost any kind of device you want. So, yeah: size matters.”

However, famous tech blogger Walt Mossberg of The Verge said he was sticking with his iPad Air.

“You’d think an iPad guy like me would be over the moon about the iPad Pro, despite its hefty base price of $799 for a Wi-Fi-only model with 32GB of memory, which stretches to $949 with 128GB of memory, and soars past $1,000 with cellular capability. But I’m not,” Mossberg claimed, adding that not only was the device too bulky, but that he only found only a few apps that took advantage of the iPad Pro’s extra screen space.

As the Inquisitr reported a couple months back, the 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro received almost unanimously great reviews. Still, there were many who derided Apple for saying that it can replace a laptop.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro received better reviews than the 12.9-inch version. [Photo via Daryl Deino]
Despite the relatively low sales, it looks like Apple could be getting ready to deliver the iPad Pro 2. Macworld UK predicts a small upgrade.

“So here’s a new theory — a sort of compromise. Apple does an update in September 2016 but it’s explicitly a minor update — just to bring the Pro 12.9 up to the standards of the 9.7. You could call it the iPad Pro 12.9 with True Tone display, or not even rebrand it at all — just mention it at the end of the iPhone press event.”

The article adds that the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro could come with the True Tone display and improved cameras of the 9.7-inch model. Many of the commenters after the article don’t seem very excited.

“Well I bought the iPad Pro. After using it for two weeks it is still just a toy. There is zero ‘Pro’ about it. I tried really hard to be productive with it but I found that without a Bluetooth mouse I was wasting a lot of time,” says MJamesc.

“Surface Pro 4 baby. The iPad Pro is dead before it even hits the market,” says Steve Austin.

PC Advisor doesn’t believe anything will come out before this autumn.

“There a few possibilities for the iPad Pro 2 launch but we’re not expecting anything before this autumn. There was no mention of any hardware at Apple’s annual developer conference in June, but a lot about the next version of the mobile operating system, iOS 10.”

Apple users want a device like the Surface Pro 4. [Photo via Daryl Deino]
PC Advisor adds that they expect that Apple will announce a new iPad when iOS 10 is released. They expect better storage options, more memory, and more color options as well. However, as indicated in the comments section after the article, many don’t want an updated iPad; they want a touchscreen MacBook instead.

As Microsoft has demonstrated with the Surface Pro 4, consumers want a tablet that can also be used as a powerful laptop, even if it is a little heavier than a tablet with a mobile operating system. Steve Jobs was against making a touchscreen MacBook. However, with the way the market is changing, many think Apple needs to get with the times.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]

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