Kailyn Lowry Betrayed By Former BFF ‘Peach’– Is She Dating Javi Marroquin? [Rumor]

Kailyn Lowry has been a hot topic for several weeks now. Her marriage to Javi Marroquin has been under a microscope since his deployment in December, and now that talks of divorce have been confirmed, everyone is interested in their private lives. Rumors of cheating have plagued both Lowry and Marroquin for several weeks. While neither has owned up to it, there have been some interesting claims coming from outside parties. Shortly the two will be reunited, and the status of their marriage will be decided for good.

There has been a lot of footage taken in the years that Kailyn Lowry has been filming for MTV. Fans have been introduced to several people in her life, including her former best friend, Christina “Peach” Pietrobon. It has been quite some time since Kailyn and “Peach” were filmed together, but it looks like they may be seeing each other soon enough. According to Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry’s former friend may be trying to snag Javi Marroquin. “Peach” has reportedly been talking about plans she has with Marroquin when he returns. There have been some tweets exchanged on Twitter, and the assumption is the two may begin dating if they have not already. Lowry hasn’t commented on the latest rumors, but she is reportedly upset at the thought of the two of them as a couple. She trusted “Peach,” and that was completely broken.

It was just announced that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin would soon be together. He is headed home from Qatar and they plan to spend some family time together. Lowry’s oldest son, Isaac, is incredibly close with Marroquin. Everyone is looking forward to spending time together, but the agenda behind it is unclear. If the rumors about “Peach” and Javi are true, plans for a divorce will likely be set in motion. Right now, Kailyn and Javi plan to live separately. She will remain in the house and he will get an apartment, presumably nearby.

Both Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been on the receiving end of cheating rumors. Several weeks ago an ex-boyfriend of Lowry’s claimed the two met up while she was in California. Kailyn denied his claims but he refused to back down. Now the rumors of Marroquin and “Peach” hooking up are coming out. While it has not been confirmed, it would be enough to devastate Lowry completely. It has been quite some time since the two have hung out, but “Peach” has kept tabs on Marroquin. Betrayal of a friend with a significant other is one of the worst ever, and it can almost never be repaired. Fans are blown away that the same girl who stood beside Lowry on Teen Mom 2 is reportedly trying to walk away with her husband.

The next several weeks will be telling for Kailyn Lowry. It has not been confirmed when Javi Marroquin is returning from Qatar but it was indicated to be soon. Several talks will be had and decisions will be made. This process is not going to be pleasant for Kailyn or Javi. If there is a chance the two can work things out, fans are hoping they take it.

The idea of spending family time together gives hope that Kailyn Lowry has realized that maybe she should give her marriage a chance after talking to Javi Marroquin at the Teen Mom 2 reunion. If these rumors about “Peach” moving in on Lowry’s husband are true, a reconciliation likely won’t happen. Fans are hoping the tweets and rumors were just a misunderstanding and that Kailyn Lowry will not have to make a decision about her life based on what an ex-friend did.

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