‘Dead Island’ Cheats: Here Are Some Ways To Exploit The Game On PS4, Xbox One Remasters

For those new to Dead Island with the “Definitive Editions” for the original and the follow-up Riptide, cheats may be a necessity when playing solo. The game can be punishing at first, but if you know what to look for, you can actually exploit the game and make it much easier.

It is suggested that you get a lot of combat experience before you go too far, as many of the zombies can be lethal if you don’t know how to approach them.

Suiciders are one of the earliest zombies which can lead to an instant death if you approach them like walkers. Once you get close enough, they’ll start sounding like they’re choking. If you don’t get away fast enough, the resulting explosion will mean instant death. You can use this to your advantage, however.

If the suicider is in a crowd of walkers, just walk up to it and get its attention, and then run away. It will explode and take out all of the others. If you’re lucky enough to have it be the closest in the group and you have a good melee weapon with high damage, you can simply throw the weapon and kill it instantly, as well as any nearby walkers and infected. As a bonus, you will get the experience for all of those kills with just one hit. This Dead Island cheat could be one of the most handy combat tactics you will find.

Another tricky one to figure out is the one in the strait jacket, called a ram. It will charge at you and either knock you down or kill you instantly. It’s especially horrible in crowds, since you’ll often end up stuck in the crowd, fighting for your life, and it’ll hit you while you do. If you can manage it, back away and then jump to the side when the ram approaches. Then run around the crowd of walkers and use the ram to help take them out before you deal with it one on one.

Perhaps one of the best Dead Island cheats is an inexpensive form of crowd control. When you’re going through the hotel to get the big truck, search the server rooms for the Molotov blueprint. Once you have that, all you need is two bottles of alcohol and a rag to make your own. For this reason, you should stock up on as many rags as you can handle when an NPC is selling them. You can find alcohol almost anywhere at resort bars, the river village, and abandoned stores in Moresby. Just make all of the Molotov cocktails you can and make crowds of walkers much easier to take out, as long as they’re not standing in water. This Dead Island cheat ensures you will never buy a Molotov cocktail, since all you buy are rags.

If you find yourself low on money and have unlocked the warehouse in Moresby, just keep fast traveling back and forth from the resort, pick up all of the weapons in the warehouse, and sell them to the vendor. Once you reach the river village, you can almost double your income and get rich fast. In the building with the fast travel map, there is a door in the back with two chests in it. Grab the weapons and sell them, if you don’t find one you can actually use. Another great place to grab weapons for sale is resort bunker number two. There are four you can grab, one of which is guarded by a suicider.

Keep using the fast travel Dead Island cheat to find and upgrade all of the weapons you want to keep, and make the game so much easier. Just remember that there is nothing more useful than a powerful weapon in the hands of a character who specializes in it.

Of course, one of the least advertised attacks in the game is the kick, which knocks most zombies back. It can’t be interrupted, and can make any fight that much easier. It’s not really a Dead Island cheat, but never underestimate it.

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