15 Things I Learned From ‘Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen When It Comes to Womanhood, Leadership, Strength, and Courage

The Khaleesi of Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen has really shone during the last season. To honor the queen, here are the top 15 things we loyal followers have learned from her.

1. Perseverance Pays Off


Daenerys Targaryen has been one of those characters in Game of Thrones who has had the biggest story shift. She came from being a snotty little princess, to being a trade-off whore by her brother, to becoming the mother of dragons and the soon-to-be conqueror of the seven kingdoms.

Khaleesi just showed everyone that if you persist on your goals/dreams, you are bound to get there.

2. Accept Love In All Forms

She was the one character brave enough to believe in the “impossible” possibility of seeing a live dragon. So when she met the dragon eggs, she just could not resist the urge to give them what they need — heat.

Daenerys Targaryen showed to everyone that love can be in all different forms, even if it means loving and caring for dragons.

3. Leaving is Winning


Daenerys Targaryen has been in so much misery. She has been used, hurt, betrayed, and abandoned by so many people she trusted. In all of it, she still thrived. As the Khaleesi grew stronger, she learned that one of the ways she could move up to her destiny is to leave the “bad” behind.

Her strategy in conquering lands has showed this as well. These lands have slaves which she could have easily gathered to increase the number of her followers. But instead of taking them captive, she let them choose freedom. When the others fled, their leaving was not a loss for Khaleesi because it just meant the people who are with her are the loyal ones. This way, she actually won.

4. Accepting Vulnerability


Just as Khaleesi grew more ambitious and vengeful, she faced a lot of challenges. However, this did not stop her. People died. She lost some battles. Her dragons were tested. But she moved forward.

You would see on her face the despair that she felt during these troubled times, but she did not stop. You could imagine the world crumbling at your feet and for others, they could feel like it could be the end.

But, not Daenerys. Even though she felt fear, as she had admitted to Tyrion Lannister, she moved forward and focused on what she wanted to do. Fear is a normal emotion, but this should not be enough to stop you.

5. Never Say Die Attitude Goes A Long Way


Yes, Khaleesi has thrived in all of the challenges she faced, but what makes her even more endearing as a powerful woman character is her ability to face the giants and proclaim that she is going to win over them.

It is the massive amount of confidence that her name will prevail and that she will overcome.

6. Fab and Strong Can Go Along Together


Most of the time, the society has high expectations for women to have it all. Even in the corporate world, women are expected to be soft when it comes to conversing with people. Others are judged that, because they are good at fashion, they are not smart.

Well, Daenerys shows us that not because she handles wars and difficult decisions she is no longer attuned to her feminine side. Khaleesi takes care of herself and always makes it a point that she “dresses for the job.”

7. Leadership is earned


We have heard it before. Respect is earned, not demanded. Because Daenerys wants to introduce freedom to people, she earned the former slaves’ trust. They respected her even more and they wanted to serve her because of that. Loyalty is even stronger in Khaleesi’s camp compared to the former masters’ treatment with fear.

8. Girl Power Brings About Stronger Outputs


Being a woman in this old man’s world, Khaleesi is up to a world of discrimination. In this era, women are seen as trade objects and “things” for men’s pleasure. That is why Khaleesi made it a point to have her closest companion in the journey be a woman. For Daenerys, women who fight together, win together.

9. Knowing Your Worth


Yes. She has been tossed around. But deep inside, Daenerys Stromborn Targareyn knows herself. She knows her capability, and she knows that she is more than what people are telling her. Her current situation at the time did not beat her down and limit her to a life as a lowlife whore. Now, she is Queen.

10. She Knows What She Wants And Does Everything To Get It


We say “does everything” because as Daenerys grew to be queen, she matured from a spoiled brat to someone who understands the hardship she needed to endure to get what she wants. She understands the precautions and risks everything to get it.

11. She Knows How to Play The “Men’s Game” And She Wins At It


Daenerys understood that being a woman has already put her at a big disadvantage. That is why is made it a point to beat men at their game. She played at their weakest points and she won!

12. She Doesn’t Have Time to Deal With Insults

Speaking about playing men at their game, Daenerys was always insulted for being a woman. They told her nasty things that a normal woman would be terrified to hear. But, Daenerys is different. She saw the value of her reaction to every situation and understood that if she let these insults affect her, she would lose focus and just get eaten by her foes. To push her ambitions forward, she just doesn’t make time to digest all of the negative things people will tell her. Sometimes, she just kills these degenerates or ask her troop to kill them for her. Easy!

13. Everthing is a Battle of the Mind


Daenerys Targaryen would often times be visited by doubt. The good thing is that she does not dismiss them. She welcomes these negative thoughts and deals with them, but not for long. After that, Daenerys just lets the thought pass by and continues on being the Queen that she is.

14. Think, Talk, Dress, and Strut Like A Queen


Daenerys embodies her future success wherever she goes. Even though her battle mostly happens in her mind, Khaleesi’s queenhood can be felt in her walk, in her voice, and in her presence.

15. Define Yourself and Own It


Lastly, Khaleesi has a very strong understanding of who she is meant to be and who she is. She does not let anyone tell her who she is. She does not allow current circumstances to dictate her fate.

She is the queen and she will conquer the seven kingdoms. We just have to wait and watch.

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