‘Street Fighter 5’ DLC Characters Ibuki & Balrog Set For July 1 Release

Two post-launch Street Fighter 5 DLC characters are finally set for release tomorrow, July 1, alongside the supposed June update for the game. According to a blog post on Capcom’s official website, Ibuki, who was initially slated for a May release, will now be arriving together with SFV’s premier boxer named Balrog.

Described by Capcom on its blog post as “one of the most iconic characters in Street Fighter history,” Balrog first showed up in Street Fighter 2, as one of the Four Kings of Shadaloo. This post-launch DLC character was also seen on Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter 4 as well as on cross-over titles namely Street Fighter X Tekken and Capcom vs SNK.

Here’s a recent Balrog post from Street Fighter’s Twitter account:

Upon Balrog’s infiltration in Street Fighter 5, gamers will be able to take advantage of the DLC character’s strengths such as his KKB skill, his V-Trigger called Crazy Rush and Gigaton Blow as his Critical Art. Aside from this DLC character himself, the upcoming update on Friday will also bring in Balrog’s story costume as well as his premium battle costume. The classic Las Vegas stage seen on Street Fighter 2 will also be included.

Talking more about Balrog’s character story, the blog post read:

“Before joining Shadaloo and moving his way up in the ranks to become one of M. Bison’s highest ranking officers, he was one of the greatest boxing champions of his time. His style of boxing, which uses illegal techniques such as head-butting, eventually got him banned from competing due to causing extreme harm to his opponents. In short, Balrog will do whatever it takes to win a fight and with the end goal always being to obtain more wealth.”

Watch the reveal trailer for one of the highly-anticipated post-launch DLC characters coming to Street Fighter 5 tomorrow:

Meanwhile, a previous post on The Inquisitr explained the reason for the delay of Ibuki’s release, the other Street Fighter 5 DLC character set to penetrate the fighting game that is currently available on PS4 and Windows PC. Capcom said that they had to reschedule her arrival to “provide the best experience possible” for their players. Ibuki, a young ninja, is the third post-launch DLC character announced for Street Fighter 5.

Capcom, in a previous blog post, described Ibuki as “everyone’s favorite kunoichi” and being a “very tricky and technical character,” SFV’s gamers will not be disappointed with this DLC character’s skills and new ninjutsu tricks.

“Ibuki has been trained in the deadly art of ninjutsu from an early age in a village located in the mountains of Japan and is often seen with her pet tanuki, Don and her best friend Sarai Kurosawa,” her story read. “She is constantly tasked with difficult missions and rigorous training and dreams of one day finishing her ninja exams, leaving all this behind to live a life of a normal schoolgirl.”

Another major content arriving in Street Fighter 5 this week is the game’s Cinematic Story Mode, a free and expanded campaign connecting the gap between SFIV and the latest entry. GameSpot also noted that it will take two hours to finish this new game content.

(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Capcom)

Ibuki and Balrog follow Alex and Guile, the first two of the six post-launch characters announced for Street Fighter 5. Juri and Urien, the two remaining DLC characters, have no official release date yet but the recent post from Capcom confirmed that they will be playable in the Cinematic Story mode.

A tweet from the official Street Fighter Twitter account reminded everyone that a server maintenance will be conducted from 2 p.m. to 12 a.m. PDT in preparation for the version 1.04 update for SFV.

In other Street Fighter 5 news, game director Takayuki Nakayama revealed few of the characters they designed who did not make it to the final cut. As posted on Capcom Fighters Network Portal Site, some of these rejected characters are the Fighting Literary Master, Fighting President, Soccer Fighter, Clumsy and Clumsy Cutie.

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