WWE News: WWE Planning To Have Paul Heyman Manage More People Post-Brand Split

If there is one man who can get just about anyone over, it’s Paul Heyman. His ability to work the mic well has made him super valuable to the WWE. While his work with Brock Lesnar is clearly the most popular thing he has done with WWE since leaving his beloved ECW, people forget that he has managed other people who have all had success with the company. CM Punk and Curtis Axel both were successful under his service. Axel even won a title with the help of Heyman and became a good mid-carder for a bit.

Meanwhile, CM Punk never needed Heyman, but their work together was fantastic. However, no one has compared to his beast, Brock Lesnar, just yet. This could change, though, as it appears WWE would like to use Paul Heyman a bit more heading forward. According to the Daily Wrestling News, WWE has plans to bring Heyman back to television before WWE SummerSlam to help build up the next Brock match there.

On top of this, there have been serious discussions about having Heyman manage one or two other WWE Superstars who would then become the new “Paul Heyman guys.” While no one has been named at the moment, this is interesting to see. Heyman has managed others like Ryback and Cesaro, who both didn’t do as much under his service. While Axel and Punk at least had gold with them, others have not been as lucky since Heyman came back to the WWE.

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Brock Lesnar always came first for Paul Heyman, so others were simply added to give Heyman a way to be on television. It did seem like Cesaro and Ryback were just people given to Paul Heyman so that he could talk up Lesnar for a while longer, which was sad to see for two men who needed his service. Luckily, Cesaro did just fine on his own and is hotter than ever with fans. Meanwhile, Ryback is very close to being out of the WWE.

WWE feels that Heyman can help stars once the brand split takes place next month. Many could use his help, but who could use it more? Baron Corbin might be at the top of the list. Considered to be a great athlete who can do far more in the ring than expected, the one thing that he suffers from is mic work. His mic ability also hurts his look and charisma, both of which he has when walking into a room or a ring. When he talks, all of it goes away, and fans are left with nothing of use. Heyman could literally change his career.

Others who could use Paul Heyman are possibly tag teams like The Vaudevillains, who could use a lot of help due to the fact that their gimmick has not taken off nearly as well as WWE hoped it would on the main roster. WWE could allow Heyman to have the first ever Paul Heyman girl in the WWE. We talk about equality with the female performers, so what better way than giving Heyman to one of them?

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Some like Sasha Banks would be good, but there is not much of a need there. There is a big rumor that Nia Jax could be hitting the main roster soon, and if she does, a manager would be needed exponentially due to her lack of mic ability. She’s also not a good in-ring worker yet either, but that may be covered up if she has Heyman hype her up as a monster female no one can beat.

Again, it is not yet known who WWE could pair with Paul Heyman, but he would surely be useful to the new stars hitting the WWE. The company is bringing a lot of people up to the main roster due to the brand split, and some are not quite ready yet. They might be the ones WWE needs to put with Heyman, so it would not be right to assume that long-term workers will be put with him.

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