‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: Seven New Pokemon Confirmed By Pokemon’s Official Site! [UPDATED]

Serebii, the go-to source for Pokemon news, reports that seven new Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon have recently been confirmed.

The new Pokemon and their types were confirmed by a trailer on Pokemon’s official Japanese Youtube channel.

Pdwinall, a Pokemon-themed YouTube content creator, speculates that the new Pokemon, which were leaked several hours ago, were originally prepared for the Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement that Gamefreak promised Pokemon fans on July 1 (tomorrow) and are only being confirmed now because they already leaked.

The first of the newly leaked Pokemon is Drampa, a white and green dragon with yellow eyebrows and red eyes. This guy is normal/dragon type. Though it’s not confirmed, it would not be too much of a surprise if this Pokemon is one of a three-part evolution line, as such lines are extremely common among dragon type Pokemon.

The second leaked Pokemon is Togedemaru, a round white, yellow, and black rodent. Pdwinall suggests that, based on its design, it is probably the “Pikachu clone” of Pokemon Sun and Moon. By saying so, he is talking about the fact that every generation of the Pokemon main series games have contained one (or two, in the case of generation three) Pokemon whose design is similar to Pikachu. Pdwinall’s assessment is likely correct, too, as the Pokemon has a tail shaped like a lightning bolt and round shadings on its cheeks, two common characteristics of Pikachu clones. Pikachu clones also tend to be single-stage evolutions, so that is probably the case with this one, too. Togedemaru is an electric/steel type Pokemon.

Third is Vikavolt, what Pdwinall describes as a “swordfish flying type Pokemon.” The creature is primarily aquamarine with yellow striping, and it boasts menacing orange eyes, a pair of sharp pincers, and thin, transparent wings reminiscent of a fly’s wings. This Pokemon is a bug/electric type that is the final stage of the already-revealed Grubbin and Charjabug (discussed later in this article).

The fourth leaked Pokemon is Cutiefly, a small and aptly-named Pokemon that looks like a cross between a mosquito and a puffkin, complete with a pair of hummingbird-like wings, a small, sharp beak, a pair of large black eyes, and four black legs that hang down towards the ground. They are all attached to a furry yellow-green ball that serves as the Pokemon’s body. Cutiefly is a bug/fairy type, and it would be no surprise if the Pokemon was given “levitate” as an ability.

The fifth leaked Pokemon is Bruxish, a very colorful tropical fish that Pdwinall calls “incredibly jarring.” It is striped yellow, purple, pink, and light blue, and is a water/psychic type Pokemon with the new ability “dazzle,” which prevents moves with an increased speed priority from hitting.

“If there’s any credit I can give it,” Pdwinall laughs, “it’s that it looks unique.”

Sixth is Charjabug, a bug/electric type Pokemon that evolves from the already-revealed Grubbin and into Vikavolt. Charjabug looks like a boxy sort of bug with spikes protruding from where one would think its face should be. As Pdwinall alludes to, this Pokemon looks like it might have its legs tucked in and its actual face retracted like a turtle’s head, so there is probably more to this one than Pokemon fans can tell from this one frame of video.

Last but not least is Tapu Koko, the Pokemon that serves as guardian over Meremere, the island the player’s character lives on in Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s Alola region. Tapu Koko was announced to be the deity that guarded the island in Gamefreak’s E3 presentation of Pokemon Sun and Moon earlier this week, but it was not revealed if it was actually a Pokemon or just an abstract deity. Now we know.

The rather complex design is black, yellow, and orange, and the Pokemon looks like some kind of armored spirit that floats in the air. Flying and psychic type might fit the design, which is rather similar to generation five’s sigilyph with a different color scheme.

Tapu Koko has been revealed to be be an electric/fairy type Pokemon and have the new ability “Elekimaker,” which automatically puts electric terrain on the field when the Pokemon is sent out, as well as the new attack “Nature Fury” (effect unknown, although it is a damaging move).

Again, these Pokemon are confirmed but it is not confirmed that they will make up the entirety of the news discussed tomorrow, so check back with The Inquisitr to see if Pokemon fans receive more goodie on July 1 as planned!

Are you excited to see these Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Which is your favorite? Do you have any ideas about the Pokemon that are not expressed in this article? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

[Image via Pokemon Japan/YouTube]

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