Emma Watson Feels Publicly Shamed Over Tina Turner Ringtone

Emma Watson was in the middle of a televised interview to promote her latest role in Disney’s live action reboot of Beauty and the Beast, when her cell phone interrupted the discussion with an unexpected ringtone. Instead of continuing the talk about playing Belle in the Disney film, a red-faced Ms. Watson apologized and explained, revealing her love for old school pop music. While Emma may have felt shamed by the incident, her love for Tina Turner may have only endeared her that much more to her fans.

Beauty And The Beast Star Emma Watson Reveals A Love For Tina Turner

There are many reasons to love Emma Watson from her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films to her stance on feminism and equality for women, but can any of that compare to the small faux pas Emma occasionally makes in innocent wonder? One such incident occurred with Watson during an interview, when her cell phone abruptly chimed to the tune of Tina Turner’s Steamy Windows.

The song first debuted on Turner’s 1989 album, Foreign Affair, which makes the song one year older than Watson herself. The Beauty and the Beast actress was immediately shocked by the incident.

“That is so embarrassing,” said the embarrassed Beauty and the Beast star, during the incident, which occurred in the midst of an interview with U.K. talk show host Mark Heyes. “That is my phone, that is Tina Turner.”

Without missing a beat, Heyes set Watson at ease immediately, assuring her there was no need to feel embarrassed. Mark told Emma she had the best ringtone he had ever heard.

“Well I’m glad that I’m forgiven because it was Tina Turner, otherwise that would have been terrible. Sorry!”

Check out the Emma Watson / Tina Turner incident below:

Emma Watson Reveals Why She Resisted Speaking Publicly About Her Views On Feminism

These days, Emma Watson is bold in expressing her views on women’s rights and gender equality, among many other issues which all fall under the broader topic of feminism, but Emma wasn’t always so eager to speak publicly and share her thoughts on such social concerns. There was a time Watson feared being labeled difficult for sharing her views, so she bit her lip and watched others come forward. After a time, Emma’s own insecurities seemed less important than her desire to become a strong voice in speaking for her gender.

“I had a huge fear that someone was going to call me a diva and was so terrified that I would do anything to appease anyone in order to avoid it,” Ms. Watson says. “At some point, the sting has to come out of words like diva. It was ammunition against me because I was so afraid of being called spoilt or difficult (like Jennifer Lawrence was), or of people saying movie stardom or fame had changed me.”

As she began speaking out, Watson found it easier and easier to express her views and take a stand, gaining confidence from the positive reactions from her fans and from those attending the events at which Emma would speak. Before long, Watson was achieving milestones, like becoming the U.N.’s youngest ever ambassador and forming a feminist book club.

“What makes you a feminist is not saying that you are a feminist, it’s actually in how you choose to live your life, what you do and the action that you take,” Emma says. “Feminism is more of a verb than just a description, so trying to change the idea around that is quite important.”

Emma also expressed the idea that the image society casts on women is starting to change, finally heading in a more positive direction. Instead of focusing on how a woman looks, Watson says it’s important for women and for society in general to place greater value on what women say and how they think. Ms. Watson says there’s a growing trend to recognize the beauty of intelligence in women.

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