‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian And Alexis Face Off, Kiki Intervenes As Morgan And Dillon Battle, And Emotions Run High Between Franco And Nina

What is coming up on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers tease that there is more conflict ahead involving Julian and Alexis as the two play a dangerous game of chicken with one another. Dillon and Morgan are both battling for Kiki’s affections and Finn’s health continues to deteriorate. What else is on the way with the June 30 show?

As everybody saw earlier in the week, Morgan got some grief from Sonny and Carly over his hopes to reunite with Kiki, while Dillon made a move on her and said he was going to fight for her. Carly saw the kiss between Kiki and Dillon, and General Hospital spoilers share that Carly will be confronting Kiki about this during Thursday’s show.


Morgan and Dillon will have an intense confrontation over Kiki, and General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that she will end up intervening to break things up. Will she really end up giving this old relationship another go or will she move on to a fresh and less complicated romance with Dillon?

Nina has been looking back on her time with Franco and thinking about trying to give their relationship another go, but he has been focusing quite a bit of his attention on Elizabeth. General Hospital spoilers share that Franco and Nina will cross paths on Thursday’s show, and she will ask why he has not been returning her texts. It seems that the conversation may get a bit intense and emotional as they talk through their broken romance. Will this end things once and for all between the two?

Finn is currently sitting behind bars and his health is rapidly declining. General Hospital spoilers share that Rachel/Hayden will pay him a visit and he will tell her that he is dying. Rachel will promise to help him, notes Celeb Dirty Laundry, but there is only so much she can do while he is sitting in a jail cell. Just what is the truth about his health? It seems that Rachel may try to connect with Tracy to help Finn, but it seems likely that he will get worse before he gets better.

What about Julian and Alexis? Sonny told him that she is pregnant, but viewers saw references to this all being a plot that Alexis and Sonny constructed to back Julian into a corner. This is surely going to be a very dangerous game of cat and mouse here, as she wants him to confess to killing Carlos, and he wants her to take a pregnancy test. Has she planned for a way to convince him that she is pregnant since he won’t just be taking her word for it?

Anna and Sonny will be discussing this situation and viewers will be interested to see how much, if anything, Sonny reveals. These two have partnered up before, and Anna knows that Alexis isn’t the one who actually killed Carlos. Sonny and Alexis are playing with fire by trying to trap Julian, but letting Anna in on the plans might provide an opportunity to get the result that all of them are after when it comes to getting Julian behind bars.

Will Kiki end up with Morgan or Dillon? What is really wrong with Finn, and where are things headed with Rachel? Can Alexis come out on top when it comes to this battle with Julian?

Viewers are anxious to see where things are headed with all of these storylines, and there is more regarding Jason, Sam, Nikolas, and Ava on the way soon as well. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are plenty more twists and turns to come and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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