‘Love & Hip Hop New York’: Tara Wallace Seen On A Date With Peter Gunz, Shades Amina Buddafly On Instagram

Tara Wallace still can’t get enough of Peter Gunz. The Love & Hip Hop New York star was seen out on what appeared to be a dinner date with the father of her three children recently and now fans want to know if they are back together or still just fooling around. Meanwhile, Tara just can’t seem to stop herself from taking shots at Peter’s current wife Amina Buddafly on social media. Tara recently took to Instagram to post a meme that could only be meant for Amina.

The Shade Room posted a picture of Tara and Peter that was captured recently by a fan. In the picture, the LHHNY stars are out to dinner and look like they are getting pretty cozy. This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that the former reality TV couple were seen out and about in the evening hours with their three sons nowhere in sight. But as Tara always says, she keeps her relationship with Peter positive “for the kids.”

Peter Gunz’ wife Amina Buddafly recently sat down for an interview with TMZ. In it, Amina confirmed that she was still living in California and was not together with Peter. Despite saying that she would divorce her reality TV husband when she was good and ready, Amina also admitted that she was still sleeping with Peter when he came to California to visit their daughter Cori.

In the meantime, it looks like Tara Wallace is still busy taking shots at Amina Buddafly, who is still married to Peter Gunz even though they are both sleeping with him. Just days ago, Tara posted a meme on Instagram that explained the difference between a “baby mama” and the “mother of your child.”

Tara has taken a lot of criticism as she continues to pursue a relationship with Peter Gunz because of his married status. Many continue to refer to her as a side chick and technically she is, even though Amina has left Peter and even moved to California to get away from the madness. Even Amina explained early on that she had to get out of New York City and away from Tara and Peter because they just wouldn’t stop seeing each other behind her back. It’s just a wonder that Amina keeps sleeping with him, knowing that he is sharing a bed with Tara, too, and probably more now than ever since Amina isn’t around to stop them.

Now that Tara has Peter all to herself again, the Love & Hip Hop New York star seems to think she has transcended baby mama status. Tara also has argued in the past that all of her club appearances with Peter aren’t a sign of her being thirsty for the man who would never settle down and be faithful to her. Instead, Tara has always said that she maintains her relationship with Peter because of their kids.

Those who have commented on Tara Wallace’s Instagram post have been pretty harsh toward the reality star who won’t let Peter go. They have pointed out in the comments section that Tara must have had a third child for the first and second ones.

There are also comments letting Tara know that she is still the side chick and at least Amina Buddafly got a ring out of the deal. So far, Tara has been trying to stay with Peter for more than 13 years and still has never got the man to commit. “No man looks for a second woman if he was happy with the first so you got left and refused to be left always letting Peter sleep with you thinking it meant something smh – weak revenge is so stupid because you are the one raising three kids on your own,” one of the comments says.

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