People Try Burger King Mac And Cheetos For The First Time: View Their Priceless Reactions

The name Mac And Cheetos tends to call to mind, for some, a most disgusting vision of fried cheese coating on top of more cheese (can we get some cheese with that?). For others, it might bring up dreams of gooey-cheesy goodness with a delicious cheese coating. Wherever you stand, we can all agree on one thing: watching people try Mac And Cheetos and react to say foray into the unknown is awesome. Buzzfeed was kind enough to wrangle up people’s reactions to save you the dirty work (and leave more time for Cheetos).

Not Sure If Cheese In A Cheeto Or A Cheeto In Cheese??

This guy was as confused about Mac and Cheetos as we are about his hair (The Weeknd lookalike? A statement on poodles?). Anyway, he finally decides that the Mac and Cheetos is not, in fact, either a cheese doodle with macaroni inside nor a mac and cheese ball with Cheetos outside, but a “mixture of the two.”

We’re still conflicted honestly. [Image Via]
This Girl Is Also Confused

Upon first getting hold of these sacred artifacts, one girl commented that the box was “cute.” She then goes on to state that she might love it or hate it, but she seems seriously happy about the cool box design. For those who haven’t seen it, the box is as much of a treat as what’s inside.

“I Could love it, I could hate it, or I could just vomit everywhere.” Enter the Mac And Cheeto. [Image Via]
Everyone’s A Critic

The Consumerist reports that the Mac And Cheeto debuted to mixed reviews, with critics giving it a great big “Meh.” The food critics neither loved nor hated the melted monstrosity, which is weird because it’s made completely of cheese and cheese products. Unless you’re lactose intolerant or your taste buds don’t work, you’ll have to justify underrating this abomination of nature.

Try as they may, nothing can top the original Mac and Cheese. [Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images]
Let’s Talk Details

Okay, so you’ve watched other people react, rejoice, and become repulsed! What’s the deal with these little guys? Well, word on the street has it they come in pieces of five. The packaging is about as sweet as what’s inside and features a small orange carton with molten Cheetos on the front. A package of five pieces will run you $2.49 plus tax. And sadly, they’re only available for a limited time, so get them while you can.

Yes, that is a giant minion made of Cheetos. You’re welcome. [Photo by Jack Dempsey/Invision For Cheetos/AP Images]
Cheesy Debate Is Cheesy

And of course, like any new frankenfood, Mac and Cheetos sent the internet into a frenzy, both for good and bad reasons. Twitter was all a-flutter, both with positive and negative reviews of this radioactive (ahem) food? Some Tweeters were happy to be blessed with this food of the Gods, while others…not so much. And then there was a host of Mac And Cheetos memes because the internet.

Some Twitter users even argued with one another or posted contradicting statements regarding their feelings before and after the Mac And Cheetos incident. Others were a bit more straightforward, like the guy who simply tweeted the word “No.” to @BurgerKing’s message introducing the cheesy little guys.

The food was introduced to the world as being “Dangerously cheesy,” which was ironically enough the Cheetos slogan circa the late 90’s. They do indeed look like a mozzarella stick if the outer coating was also made of cheese. We’re no homeland security experts, but those do sound pretty dangerous (we’ll have to alert the President). If you’ve had Mac And Cheetos before and want to share, feel free to let us know your reaction in the comments below.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

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