Texas Mom Christy Sheats’ Murder Motive Revealed By Law Enforcement [Video]

According to a report from law enforcement, Texas mom Christy Sheats’ motive for murdering her beautiful daughters last Friday came down to nothing more than punishing her husband. CNN reports that the Texas mom called a “family meeting” with her daughters and her husband that day. Her husband believed that the meeting was so that he and Christy Sheats could break the news to their kids that they were getting a divorce. Multiple media outlets have reported that the pair had been separated for an extended period of time and had just moved back in together prior to the unthinkable crimes.

The Sheats family gathered together in the living room of the Texas home on Friday afternoon: Christy, her 22-year-old daughter Taylor, her 17-year-old daughter Madison, and her husband Jason. However, rather than tell the children about their parent’s impending divorce, Texas mom Christy Sheats pulled out a handgun and shot her daughters.


According to Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy E. Nehls, Christy Sheats had plenty of time and opportunity to kill her husband along with her daughters, but she chose not to. Jason Sheats told law enforcement that he believes that his wife, who was killed by police after brutally murdering her daughters, wanted to leave him alive to suffer for the rest of his life with the memory of the deaths of his children.

“He felt Christy wanted him to suffer. Mr. Sheats stated Christy knew how much he loved Taylor and Madison and how much they loved him. By killing his children Mr. Sheats will have to live the rest of his life with this horrible memory.”

Reportedly, Texas mom Christy Sheats suffered from depression and was taking multiple prescription medications at the time of the murders. She was also, according to her husband, seeing a therapist and had been admitted to a “private mental health facility” multiple times in recent years due to repeated suicide attempts.

Jason Sheats said that his wife and oldest daughter had gotten into a verbal altercation just days before she killed the girls. Apparently, Christy Sheats had wanted to ground her 22-year-old and prevent her from seeing her fiancé, who she was supposed to have married on Monday. Mr. Sheats disagreed with his wife, calling grounding an “inappropriate punishment” for an adult.

On Friday, at the deadly “family meeting,” Texas mom Christy Sheats shot both of her daughters inside of the family’s home. She shot Taylor, first according to Mr. Sheats, hitting her in the back. Then she turned the gun on Madison, striking her in the neck. After she shot the girls, Jason Sheats was able to get them out of the house. Once outside, they both collapsed. Taylor died at the scene and Madison passed away at a local hospital.

By the time Mr. Sheats made it outside with the girls, a 911 call had been made by a neighbor and deputies were responding to the scene of the carnage. When they arrived, Texas mom Christy Sheats reportedly advanced on officers with her gun; after she refused to drop it, she too was fatally shot. Jason Sheats is the sole surviving member of the family.

“We look at him as a victim. This is something he is going to have to live with for the rest of his life. She accomplished what she set out to do, which is to make him suffer.”

According to Mr. Sheats, his wife’s “downward spiral” started in 2012 after she lost her grandfather and then, just two months later, her mother. Apparently, the gun she used to kill her girls had been a gift from her grandfather. Jason Sheats said that his wife had applied for a license to carry her weapon but had been denied due to her history of mental illness.

Christy Sheats, the Texas mom who brutally shot and killed her own daughters, was reportedly an outspoken advocate for gun rights on social media.

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