Fifth Harmony Breaking Up? Camila Cabello Records Track Without Group Amid Feud Rumors

Is Fifth Harmony going to break up? More rumors about the end of the girl group have surfaced this week after Camila Cabello recorded a track without the rest of the group. Not only that, but a rumored feud between Camila and Lauren Jauregui also has people wondering if Fifth Harmony will make it through their summer tour as a happy five-some!

According to MTV News, Camila Cabello shared some pictures from a side project that she did, teaming up with Benny Blanco to record a song that didn’t use instruments. It wasn’t the first time that Camila recorded a song without Fifth Harmony, either. She actually did a duet with her rumored boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, too.

The timing of this new project, however, does seem odd (read about Camila’s rumored feud with Lauren below).

“Cabello and producer Benny Blanco teamed up with OMG Everywhere — a nonprofit that hosts free arts workshops — to create an original song with six New York City kids. The catch, however, was that they couldn’t use any instruments at all. In a new video that shows how the song came together, we see the group getting crafty, making sounds from a box of tissues, a cup and straw, a pillow, silverware, dishes, a vacuum cleaner, and more makeshift instruments.”

Fifth Harmony break-up rumors have been around for several months. As many people who are into music realize, girl groups and boy groups tend to not last. The more recent splits of Danity Kane and One Direction prove that being in a same-sex music group is challenging, and it seems as though the odds of staying together are very low.

Now, Camila Cabello is not the only Fifth Harmony member to branch out on her own. According to another report by MTV News, Dinah Hansen found herself in the studio earlier this month working on a track with Oakland-based rapper and producer Stunna June.

While Harmonizers were quick to wonder if Fifth Harmony was breaking up after seeing Dinah’s solo venture, that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least not at the moment.

“Dinah’s just doing her thing, experimenting with different sounds and building up her repertoire, just like an 18-year-old singer should be doing. Besides, don’t even lie: This song sounds pretty dope,” reported MTV News.

Fifth Harmony break-up rumors have only been fueled by the aforementioned feud that broke out when Camila Cabello’s manager, Roger Gold, congratulated his client on winning four awards at the Much Music Video Awards.

Shortly after, Lauren’s mom allegedly tweeted a reply — but later deleted it, according to Perez Hilton. Lauren’s mom reportedly called out Mr. Gold, saying that two of the awards were given to Fifth Harmony, not solely to Camila Cabello, which is how he made it seem.

The Fifth Harmony break-up rumors came back with a vengeance after that.

“What’s [interesting] about this whole thing is that this isn’t the first time there appeared to be a rift between the pint-sized pop star and the other girls in the group. Does this mean 5H might split soon?!?” Perez Hilton ponders.

Do you think Fifth Harmony will break up?

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