WWE News: John Cena Talks A Future Feud With Roman Reigns, Enzo, And Big Cass

As John Cena’s 14-year career begins to dwindle down, someone will have to replace his star power and impact in the community. This wrestler will don the responsibilities that Cena currently maintains. While some may think that’s impossible, there is one man on the roster that is capable of doing that. And his name is Roman Reigns.

There are critics of Reigns for his ability in the ring, microphone skills, natural charisma, work ethic, and the discipline to remain clean. He was just suspended for violating the WWE’s wellness policy for 30 days. Instead of ignoring it and keeping it taboo, Vince McMahon decided to have Seth Rollins announce it publicly on Monday Night Raw the following week. Nothing about his suspension was private, and McMahon made the appropriate decision to call it out.

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The Roman Reigns critics have every right to analyze his missteps and improbable suspension. That is one thing Cena has never done. Randy Orton violated the wellness policy a couple of times. Orton was never responsible for carrying the company on and off-screen. That is Cena’s job, and he’s done it admirably throughout the years. WWE fans know that time is coming to a close within the next five years. This is where Reigns must step in.

Disregarding the suspension, there is a lot of time to make sure Reigns gets over the way McMahon wants him to. One way could be to turn him heel. If that doesn’t happen, which it may not, a feud with the current face of WWE could do the trick. According to SEScoops.com, John Cena spoke to Inquirer.net during his recent trip to China and talked about Enzo and Big Cass, as well as who he wants to face in the future.

“I look at Enzo Amore and Big Cass only because they are so immediately identifiable as characters,” Cena said. “It kind of reminds me when I was doing hip-hop piece of my persona. I like that because Enzo is not necessarily a typical mold of, ‘Hey, this is going to be awesome.’ But even back in his early days in NXT, he caught my attention.”

“I know that I always kind of test myself, whether it’s new superstars or established superstars, and I know Roman Reigns has carved up quite a niche for himself and he has all the attributes to be a successful WWE superstar for some time to come,” he said. “I’ve heard he’s good. I’d like to find out how good he is.”

Who would sign up for a Reigns and Cena feud? Despite the reports of internal backlash in conjunction with Roman Reigns’ suspension, a program between the two has major possibilities. It could go one of two ways. Reigns could be the heel and want to destroy the “tyranny” Cena has created since his inception as the WWE’s top guy.

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The other option is that of competition and respect. Cena could be cutting a promo in the ring and proclaim that he’s faced everyone and wants a new challenge. It wouldn’t be egotistical because it’s very accurate. Then, Reigns’ music could hit, and the two could go back-and-forth for several months, culminating with Reigns pinning Cena clean for the victory.

While the critics will always be there for Reigns, he does deserve some respect. Reigns was pushed into the main event by WWE officials and wasn’t promoted and built properly. He truly has what it takes to fill the spot John Cena has right now. With the proper direction, writing, and the brand split giving him a chance to shine on his own, Reigns and Cena have a shot to do something special. Consider it a passing of the guard.

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