Amanda Stanton’s Ex Calls Her Out For Asking For Child Support While Filming ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Amanda Stanton has been off filming Bachelor in Paradise and trying to find love. She is the mother of two small daughters, who, of course, were not with her during the filming of the show, which takes approximately a month. Now, Amanda’s ex is going to his Facebook page to call her out for asking for child support while he was the one watching the kids.

Nick Buonfiglio is the father of Amanda’s two daughters, and he has made it clear that he is very involved in the girl’s lives. Here is what he shared on Facebook.

“So if your kids mom is gone all month and kids are with you majority of the month, and she still requests child support? I’m sorry, its not called adult support.”

Everyone knows that Amanda Stanton has been filming Bachelor in Paradise and that she was on the show from the very start. Of course, this show comes with a paycheck and the chance to find love. People are commenting to Nick and asking about the details.

He explained that Amanda was filming the show, saying, “When she leaves on her own will to go film for a reality television show for an entire month, that’s not my problem to take care of her apartment. Just in my opinion.”

This is her second time on a reality show, but it does sound like it could be her last.

Nick went on to explain more details, saying, “Let’s keep in mind I pay her car payment every month, and didn’t ask for that money back this month. Its just the principle to be gone for a month and come back ask me for that the morning she is home.”

Amanda Stanton is now back from filming, and the show is done. Everyone will have to wait to see it until August, though.

Warning: There are Bachelor in Paradise spoilers ahead!

As the Inquisitr already shared, Amanda Stanton does find love on the show this season. She goes on a date with Nick Viall early on, but the second she goes on a date with Josh Murray, they are inseparable. Josh ends up bringing his mom down to the show, and after that, he proposes to Amanda Stanton. She says yes, and it looks like this couple has found love. Nobody knows if Josh got the chance to meet the girls before popping the question.

This brings up the question of where Amanda and Josh will live if they are going to be together. Amanda’s ex is very involved with her kids and watched them while she was filming. It is obvious that he is not going to want her to move across the country with his children. This could start all kinds of new issues between them. Amanda was on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, but she wasn’t the one he picked in the end.

Reality Steve shared on his blog that Amanda and Josh do get engaged, but they aren’t the only couple. Two other couples also end up engaged at the end of this season. It will be interesting to see if any of them can make it work long-term. This will be the first season that more than one couple ends up engaged in the end. Everyone can’t wait to see Amanda Stanton’s love story on Bachelor in Paradise.

Are you shocked to see that Amanda Stanton’s ex is calling her out on Facebook? Do you think that Amanda and Josh can make it work? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise when it starts airing in August on ABC.

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