Waleed Aly Rocks With Regurgitator, Loses His Temper With Steve Price

Waleed Aly, a name heavily associated with political interviews and influential columns, has taken a step into entirely new territory as he impersonated a rock god for a charity event in Melbourne on Sunday, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Waleed Aly, who won a Gold Logie at this year’s Australian TV Week Logie Awards and has previously won a Walkley Award, also proved that a Grammy award might not be completely out of reach. He showed off his guitar skills by playing a rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain” while performing alongside Dan Sultan and the rock band Regurgitator.


The show took place as a part of Reclink’s annual Community Cup football game, which raises funds for arts and sporting initiatives for disadvantaged Australians. The performance was no small feat for 37-year-old Waleed Aly, but he pulled through and no doubt impressed the crowd. He also found himself performing in front of some of Australia’s most credible musicians, including Tim Rogers, Daddy Cool’s Ross Wilson, and Spiderbait’s Kram.

Little did people know, under different circumstances, Waleed Aly could have pursued a career in music instead of studying law and going on to become a Gold Logie-winning television host and respected public figure. The event, being a football game at its core, invited Waleed Aly with the intent of him playing guitar, but the star of The Project admitted that he had his fair share of concerns about his performance in the lead-up to the big day, which ranged from playing with Regurgitator to worrying about the weather. But in the end, his concerns were overshadowed by his anticipation for the event.

“It’s going to be cold, horrible guitar-playing weather, but I’ve never been to the game before so I’m really looking forward to the day. As soon as they [Regurgitator] asked me if I wanted to play… they didn’t need to get to the end of the sentence. I’ve always loved their sound, always loved what they’re able to create and the range of sounds they can get, so it’s exciting.”


Waleed Aly appears on The Project as a co-host, and according to the Huffington Post, Waleed Aly took aim at negative gearing and praised the Labor party’s policy in this regard.

He tackled negative gearing during The Project on Tuesday night, criticizing the coalition’s silent stance on the issue while praising Labor’s policy for tackling housing affordability head-on. At its current state, Australia has some of the most expensive housing in the world, with the only country that is more expensive than Australia being Hong Kong.

Waleed Aly spoke on negative gearing during The Project.

“We have seen a generation of young renters emerge thanks to skyrocketing house prices, and at a policy level that’s thanks to two things. John Howard’s halving of the capital gains tax in 1999, combined with negative gearing which allows investors to pay less income tax by claiming losses on their properties.”

Waleed Aly is usually known as one of the most levelheaded on The Project’s panel, but even he lost his cool when Steve Price cut across Carrie Bickmore. According to the Huffington Post, Waleed Aly put Steve Price in his place for talking over Carrier Bickmore in a sexism debate.

Bickmore had quoted AFL journalist Caroline Wilson saying that she is a journalist with strong opinions. Price then interrupted to make an unrelated point, and Waleed shut him down immediately and left Price with nothing to say but a sheepish “thank you” for the advice.

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