Jaden Smith: Everything You Need To Know About His New Project, ‘The Get Down’ [Video]

Jaden Smith is about to embark on something big, maybe even legendary. Netflix is going to be releasing its newest original series, The Get Down, in August, and Jaden Smith is part of the cast. The show is billed to be telling the story of a group of black youth in the Bronx in the 1970’s. The cast of The Get Down, including Jaden Smith, posed together (in character) for Vogue, reports Just Jared.

According to Verge,Jaden Smith and the rest of The Get Down cast will be getting their newest dramatic roles split into two parts. This is a big deviation from Netflix’s typical method of releasing original series. Usually, Netflix will drop the whole thing in one lump sum on the release date. Not so, though, with Jaden Smith and The Get Down. Reportedly, the series will be released in two halves. The first six episodes are reportedly going to be released in August. The remaining six episodes of Jaden Smith and The Get Down won’t be available until 2017. Could this be a ploy for the streaming service to get and keep subscribers for the long term? Maybe.

Check out the newly released trailer for Jaden Smith and The Get Down and see if it doesn’t inspire you to make sure your Netflix subscription is paid in full.


The Get Down, featuring Jaden Smith, is reportedly geared to adult audiences. Shocker, right? It’s supposed to feature “a lot of disco, a lot of clothes-on thrusting, a few guns, and frustration.” It is being billed as a “musical drama,” hence the disco.

In addition to Jaden Smith, Giancarlo Esposito (of Breaking Bad fame) and a bunch of young, freshman actors are set to round out the cast.

“Final seasons of critically acclaimed shows are usually the ones that get broken in half.”

So far, not much is known about Jaden Smith’s new role or The Get Down. This means that few Jaden Smith (or Netflix original) fans have a clue how the show’s story arc will be impacted by being broken in half. Indeed, Netflix has never released a show in “chunks” before. In general, only the final season of super-popular shows (think Mad Men and The Sopranos) get split into two parts with two utterly divergent release dates.

It’s possible that The Get Down is getting broken into two parts to ride the wave of star Jaden Smith’s fame and popularity. The 17-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith has been teasing a promised album now for what seems like forever. On top of that, Jaden Smith has been incredibly busy meeting his obligations as the new face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s fashion line, something previously unheard of for a guy.

Indeed, Jaden Smith’s career is a busy one, and it’s entirely possible that the full schedule of one of the upcoming show’s biggest stars could be contributing to its split season.

Jaden Smith has been making headlines in recent months for his gender-bending style and controversial relationship with an older woman, the notorious Sarah Snyder, who was arrested and jailed in 2015 for allegedly stealing a Hermes purse worth thousands of dollars. Snyder, in her 20s, was ultimately acquitted of the charges, but the allegations of theft have dogged her burgeoning modeling career and reportedly discouraged famous labels from working with her.

Many reports have also indicated that Jaden Smith’s family isn’t very happy with the teen’s relationship with the worldly Snyder. Fortunately for Jaden, he’s about to turn 18 on July 8, which means he will no longer be a minor (if such a term exists among Hollywood royalty), and therefore his controversial relationship with Sarah Snyder will no longer be an issue.

The Get Down starring Jaden Smith will premiere on Netflix on August 12.

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