White History Month, Heterosexual Pride Day Trending On Twitter, The Internet Explodes

White History Month and Heterosexual Pride Day have both gone trending, and it may be for all of the wrong reasons. Twitter is not only perpetuating these trends, but reacting in the usual way.

Everybody is wondering how it happened, because in today’s social climate it makes no sense. Some woke up and found those trends happening, and decided to stay off Twitter over how ridiculous they found it.

In recent years there has been a slow but steady progression in rights given to different groups. Gay and lesbian couples can now get married legally, and Southern U.S. territories are slowly removing symbols of history which have been said to promote racism. Statues of Confederate soldiers are being taken out of the public eye, the related flag is being removed, and there is even talk of a black woman who was never a President possibly replacing Alexander Hamilton, a noted supporter of slavers.

Technically, most U.S. Presidents up to Abraham Lincoln were slave owners, but it was the Civil War era which many Americans are eager to put behind them. Reparations have been slowly getting made, but today it doesn’t appear that way as White History Month has begun trending on Twitter.

Many are calling the trend either a racist prank or a horrible joke, and they may not realize that it’s still trending because they won’t stop talking about it.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that people are so upset by this? Throughout history, straight white men have often held positions of power, and for most of that time nobody questioned it publicly. Now everybody is questioning it, and ironically showing how much more power people of other groups have thanks to the internet. Even the Black Lives Matter protesters have much more freedom than their ancestors had 400 years ago, showing that there is progress already.

Among those who find the idea of any group – black, Asian, Hispanic, white, or otherwise – having a designated month for their history is acclaimed actor Morgan Freeman. He doesn’t believe anyone should have their history regulated to just a month.

If nothing else, the timing of the White History Month Twitter trend is a bit off, unless it’s intended for July, to coincide with U.S. Independence Day. It is important to remember that not everybody who died in the Revolutionary War was white, so it makes no sense to claim it as a white holiday.

Heterosexual Pride Day might be another joke created by clever trolls, and everybody fell for it. So soon after the shooting in Orlando, which happened in a dance club frequented by gay members, it’s just bad taste. Now it’s just trending because everybody hates the idea and won’t stop tweeting their disapproval.

Black actress Stacey Dash even pointed out in an interview how ridiculous the whole idea of one of these Twitter trends is earlier this month.

“I said [in January 2016] that there should not be a Black History Month, because I feel like black people have contributed to the history of the United States of America far more than just one month can tell.

“I think we should just be part of American history, 365 days of every year – not just one month. And God help us if white people said, ‘We want a White History Month.’ It would be – everyone would be crying racism.”

It’s almost obvious that White History Month and Heterosexual Pride Day were both trends created by clever trolls, and the internet is ironically keeping them going.

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