Brooks Ayers Breaks His Silence: Why He Still Has A Relationship With Vicki Gunvalson

Brooks Ayers claimed he was done with Vicki Gunvalson when he packed his bags and left her home in Orange County. On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki revealed that she had been lying on the street, crying and begging him not to leave her behind. But Brooks has constantly said that her family was toxic and that he couldn’t date Gunvalson because of her daughter. For a while, Vicki has denied speaking to Brooks, but Ayers is now breaking his silence and reveals that they do speak. In fact, they have a business relationship.

According to a new Real Mr. Housewife report, Brooks Ayers has revealed that the two of them still speak because they are both listed in the vodka lawsuit from 2013. Both of them were sued, and Ayers supposedly helps out Vicki when it comes to strategy in how to handle this lawsuit.

“I’m only talking to Vicki because of the Vodka lawsuit from 2013. All of the claims against me have been dropped yet my counterclaims against the plaintiff still remain,” Brooks Ayers has revealed, adding, “Unfortunately, Vicki is still having to deal with claims for and against her. So, we do talk strategy to help each other. It’s all business between us now.”

Gunvalson has been very vocal about them not getting together in the future. It’s no secret that they have split up and gotten together in the past, but even Brooks Ayers says that they won’t work things out. In fact, there’s no chance for them to get back together, as he has moved on with his life. Plus, he says that Vicki’s family is too toxic for him.

“Not a chance! I’ve removed all drama in my life since I last saw her in August 2015. I’ve moved on and am very happy. I wish her the best. I have no desire to be involved with her or her family. Too toxic for me,” Brooks Ayers revealed, adding, “Once and for all, we are done as a couple.”

Even though Ayers doesn’t have a reality television platform anymore, he does have a social media presence and has used Twitter to try and clear his name. Sadly, Brooks doesn’t really use this opportunity to set the record straight. Instead, Ayers just seems to add more fuel and speculation to the fire.

“All for $ and at someone’s expense! Who questions someone’s disease and/or treatment choices? Drama sells! #networkprofits,” Brooks Ayers revealed in his defense, to which one person questioned why he would fly with stage 3 cancer, writing, “People question when shit isn’t adding up. Stage 3 cancer and you’re on a business trip? Don’t think so.”

But it sounds like Ayers doesn’t like to be questioned at all, as he didn’t address the comment about flying with stage 3 cancer. Instead, he simply pointed out something completely irrelevant and ended up blocking the person.

“Sorry, no cursing on my feed. You are now blocked. Take your anger elsewehere,” Brooks Ayers revealed on Twitter, fueling the fire even more when it comes to him lying about having cancer.

Interestingly enough, one person did write a tweet to both Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson, thanking them for their love and support, using the hashtag #killALLcancer. This was something that Vicki had previously tweeted about, writing that she had given back to charity after the cancer scandal, calling Kill All Cancer her company. If this is Vicki’s company, it is interesting that Brooks is retweeting it to help her promote it. And in case you are wondering if Ayers will ever come clean with his cancer situation, then you have your answer here.

“I will never be bullied into releasing my actual medical records to people who only exploit others for their personal gain,” Ayers revealed on Twitter.

Are you surprised that Brooks Ayers and Vicki still have a relationship in regards to business?

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