Dennis Quaid To Divorce Third Wife For The Second Time

Dennis Quaid is on the market again! According to TMZ, Quaid is set to divorce his second wife, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid. According to the report, it was Buffington and not Dennis Quaid who made the first move to file for divorce.

Papers were filed in a Los Angeles court by Buffington-Quaid, and since the papers have now become public knowledge, Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington-Quaid decided to release a joint statement about their difficult decision.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to end our 12 year marriage. The decision was made amicably and with mutual respect toward one another. We will always remain great friends and devoted partners in raising our children.”

Although 12 years is a long time in Hollywood for a couple to stay married, this particular divorce shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. This is the second time that Buffington has filed for divorce from actor Dennis Quaid. The first time was back in March 2012, but two months later, she decided to give Dennis a second chance and withdrew her papers from the courts.

Before Dennis Quaid was married to Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, he was in a high-profile marriage to romantic comedy queen Meg Ryan. The two were married for 10 years but ended their marriage in 2001. The two shared custody of their 24-year-old son, Jack Quaid, who followed in his parents’ shoes and has become an actor. His last role was playing Clark Morelle in the ill-fated HBO series Vinyl. He got his first breakout role in the film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as Marvel.

Back in March, Jack Quaid opened up about his parents’ divorce.

“My parents got divorced when I was 8. It’s one of those weird ages [for kids when their parents] get divorced. You’re old enough to know what’s going on, but young enough to be kind of naïve about it.”

The only time Meg Ryan has opened up about the divorce was to finally refute rumors that Russell Crowe broke up their marriage. She said that while it was a great “story,” the truth wasn’t being told.

“Dennis was not faithful to me for a long time, and that was very painful. I found out more about that once I was divorced… But Russell didn’t break up the marriage. He was definitely there at the end, but it wasn’t his fault.”

Meg Ryan and Crowe split, and Ryan moved on to singer John Mellencamp before splitting in 2014. As for Quaid, he, of course, went on to marry Kimberly, who, as stated, is filing for divorce. The couple share twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, 8, and will most likely share custody of the children.

Quaid was first married to actress P.J. Soles for five years from 1978 to 1983 before they were divorced.

The last we heard from Dennis Quaid, he opened up about his remedy for his substance abuse problems.

“As you probably know, back in the 1980s I had some substance-abuse problems. The day I got out of rehab, in 1990, I started playing golf. It wasn’t that it calmed me down – totally the opposite – but it was something I could do and be obsessive about. I’m one of those people that when I start something I just can’t stop. I’m like a five-year-old ADD [attention deficit disorder] guy.”

Do you think Dennis Quaid’s wife will go forward with the divorce?

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