‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Jozea Starts To Freak Out, Nicole And Frank Make A Final Two Deal, And Tiffany Accuses James Of Playing Both Sides [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 live feed action has been off the charts during week two of the CBS reality TV show. Jozea starts to panic when he realizes that he could be evicted from the house on Thursday.He wants to believe that he won’t leave, but he worries that he could be blindsided. Frank and Nicole strike up a final two deal.. Tiffany starts to wonder if James is playing both sides and may not vote with the vets.

Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers indicate that Bridgette and Bronte think that Paulie will be evicted, but agree there is a SMALL chance that Jozea could leave. Jozea starts to panic, and they try to tell him to relax that he has the votes. Jozea begins to wonder if anyone changed their mind about the vote, and wants to be prepared, just in case.

Natalie and Jozea agree that they don’t trust Paulie because he did not disclose that his brother was Big Brother 16, Cody. They find him “shady” and could never play the game with him. Big Brother Network reports that Natalie talked about how irritated she felt about Victor putting the brakes on their showmance (before the feeds started).

Jozea told Frank that he’s starting to feel worried about the vote because he could leave on Thursday’s live eviction. Big Brother live feeds reveal that Frank tells him that he’s safe, that he’s only “freaking out” because he’s on the block. “Being on the block is never a fun ride, ” Frank says to Jozea.

Bronte begins to wonder if there is something “funny” going on with the vote this week. She wonders why no one has asked her which way she plans on voting. It begins to worry her that Jozea may be going home this week. Big Brother live feed spoilers indicate that Bronte thinks that Jozea going home would be the worst possible scenario for her game.

Big Brother spoilers report that Da’Vonne told Tiffany that James is starting to worry that she is playing both sides of the house because she is “super friendly” with the newbies. Tiffany cannot believe James would imply that because she thinks he is the one that is going to flip his vote. Tiffany warns Da’Vonne that James is not trustworthy, and she gets a feeling that he will turn on the vets. Later, Tiffany cannot stop obsessing about why James doesn’t trust her. Joker Updates reported that Tiffany decided to talk to James about their differences, and they work it all out.

Big Brother live feeds indicate that the “eight-pack” alliance is getting “annoyed” with Tiffany. Da’Vonne worries that she may have heard one of her conversations, and that led to her mistrust of James. Frank vents his frustrations with Tiffany and isn’t sure about working with her going forward. “I don’t like having to babysit Tiffany. She’s a grown woman.” Frank said.

Da’Vonne decides to confront Tiffany about the James thing and hopes to squash their differences. Big Brother live feeds spoilers indicate that Tiffany says that she’s feeling insecure because everyone seems short and annoyed with her. Da’Vonne tells her she will try to smooth things over with the rest of the house, to see if they can forget the past few days and move forward on a more positive note.

Later, Big Brother live feeds spoilers reveal that James and Frank talk about Tiffany and the never-ending issues. Frank explains that he hopes that she’d calm down because without the vets she’d leave the house within “days.” He says, “We are all she has because the other side of the house hates her.”

Big Brother spoilers tease that a final two deal is in the works. Frank and Nicole decide they want to work with each other until the end and plan to keep each other safe. Frank explains he thinks they have an”excellent shot” at making it to the end.

Big Brother 18 fans, are you surprised that Jozea refuses to pack his bag because “he’s not leaving”? Do you think Frank and Nicole can make it to the final two? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 news, spoilers, and live feed updates.

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