Kelly Dodd On ‘RHOC’ Co-Stars: ‘Mercy Doesn’t Come With Conditions’

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd may be brand new to the scene, but she’s learning how to cope with these famous housewives. Kelly may not have watched any previous seasons of the show, as she had no idea that Tamra Judge was divorced and stuck in a child custody issue with her ex-husband, Simon Barney. On the show, Tamra started sharing her story with Kelly but broke down after Dodd learned that Tamra hadn’t seen her daughter in over two years. And apparently, this dysfunctional family dynamic has caused Dodd to grow closer to Judge.

According to a new Bravo report, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that she may have tried a bit too much to get closer to Tamra. Of course, Dodd just wanted to find something they could bond over and have troubled partners was something they both experienced.

“Tamra and I are finding a lot of common ground. We both love to laugh and we both love our families. As a mother, I understand Tamra’s perspective — there is no expiration date on love and caring. Some children take longer to leave the nest and stand completely on their own. Good moms try their best to be there for their children, regardless,” Dodd reveals in her blog for the show, sharing that she does have some issue with her own husband.

“In retrospect, I probably tried too hard to relate to Tamra’s struggles in the wake of her divorce to Simon and as a result I painted Michael in the wrong light. Michael is a brilliant man, a wonderful father and a loving, compassionate husband,” Kelly Dodd revealed in her blog about her husband.

During Monday’s episode of the show, Kelly dropped a bombshell. During their scenes together, it looked like they had a very standard marriage. However, Dodd revealed that her husband had been keeping her captive, essentially, when she wanted to divorce him. He cut off her funds, and she wasn’t able to do much. Instead, Kelly felt it was much easier to just stick around and just be married to him than to fight him and divorce him.

“Michael and I were separated and going through a divorce for almost two years. This happened 4 ½ years ago. Unfortunately divorce brings out the worst in people and despite forgiving each other, deep-harbored resentments occasionally bubble up,” Kelly Dodd reveals in her blog, sharing that they are indeed happy together — without saying that she actually loves him.

The ladies were in shock over her admission that she was just staying married to him to make him happy, but Kelly Dodd did admit that she is trying to make things work. Kelly also revealed that her husband had been found to be narcissistic after some psych evaluations, which was shocking to the ladies. But Dodd has learned to forgive and forget. And it sounds like she wants the ladies to learn a thing or two about forgetting the past.

“Speaking of forgiveness, while I don’t share the ladies’ experience of dealing with Brooks’ cancer scam, I struggle to understand why they have such a difficult time accepting Vicki’s heartfelt plea for forgiveness. Shannon said, “I absolutely believe in forgiveness, BUT…” But what? Mercy doesn’t come with conditions,” Kelly Dodd explains of the Vicki Gunvalson drama, adding that the ladies should just forgive her and move on.

During Meghan King Edmonds’ demolition party, Kelly revealed that she had gone to lunch with Vicki, which started several discussions about whether or not the ladies should give Gunvalson a second chance.

What do you think about Kelly Dodd now? Do you think she should divorce her husband?

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