Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt At War Amid Marriage Stress Rumors?

Brad Pitt recently was seen hanging out with motorcycle fans, including some beautiful women sporting skimpy outfits. But while Brad beamed at the California vintage motorcycle event, there are signs of problems in his marriage to Angelina Jolie, according to a source cited by the Daily Mail.

Although Pitt might have enjoyed acting as one of the crowd at the Born-Free Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle Show in Silverado, California, during the weekend, his famous face resulted in a swarm of fans. Brad didn’t seem to mind having those lovely ladies in minimal attire as part of his groupies. Some fans shared that the highlight of the day was meeting the actor.

Has Angelina Jolie turned her back on Hollywood? [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

“Extremely proud of my brother! Not only did his bike win ‘Best Chopper’ and ‘People’s Choice’ this year at the Born Free Show, but he also won his second trip to #Japan AND met #bradpitt,’ wrote one fan on social media.

In addition to his marriage, his career, and co-parenting six children, Brad is passionate about motorcycles. The owner of 10 bikes in all, he recently spent $385,000 on a World War II Nazi motorcycle and enjoys riding a $300,000 custom Ecosse Titanium Series XX bike in Los Angeles. One recipient of Pitt’s passion for bikes is his son Maddox, who received a Suzuki DRZ-125 dirt bike when he turned 11.

But while all seems movie-star perfection to the outside world, Brad reportedly is experiencing problems in his marriage. He and Angelina are described as battling over their French estate.

Brad Pitt is passionate about motorcycles, while Angelina Jolie is passionate about politics. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for WSJ. Magazine 2015 Innovator Awards]

Brad disagrees with his wife’s desire to sell their Chateau Miraval property in France. However, the mom of six feels that selling the property would boost her London political career, with a source describing her desire to boost “her efforts in the political world.”

The actress reportedly wants to enter the House of Lords, but Brad is intent on holding onto the French estate that they share. Pitt has put endless effort into renovating the Chateau Miraval, and it even has their own special pink wine brand.

The couple currently resides in England so that Brad can work on the sequel to his war film. He recently completed several other movies.

As to what selling the French property has to do with Jolie’s political ambitions, it’s not the estate itself but the location, clarified Wonderwall, which cited an insider describing the source of stress in their marriage.

Because no one except British residents who pay taxes are permitted into the House of Lords, Angelina is motivated to sell.

“She wants to sell Chateau Miraval and Brad refuses,” summed up the insider.

And Pitt is holding firm when it comes to refusing to surrender the renovated French mansion and put it up for sale. To do so also would cause problems for the production of their Miraval Provence pink wine at the property.

As to whether Jolie has any desire to remain in the world of Hollywood, the insider also claims she’s changed in regard to her view of the entertainment world.

“She has turned her back on Hollywood.”

The war over whether to sell the French property is not the only cause of stress in their marriage, according to Radar Online’s insider.

“She was refusing to sign up for the lucrative lead role in the Maleficent sequel even though it will bring in cash they desperately need. She really wanted to avoid doing it so she can focus on her documentaries and charity work.”

Claiming that Brad and his wife have struggled with “overspending for years,” the insider explained that she desired to put her energy into charity and documentaries. But while the mom of six is turning down a variety of projects in order to follow her own interests, Pitt is perturbed and fighting back.

“[Those refusals have] upset Brad, who’s pointing out the family isn’t in a position to reject a $30 million-plus paycheck,” shared the insider.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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