One Direction Star Louis Tomlinson’s Reaction To Being ‘Papped’ Is Just Perfect

As one-quarter of the world’s most famous boy-band, One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has sadly had to get used to press intrusion. In recent weeks, outlets like the Daily Mail have been regaling us with fascinating features that explore in-depth which coffee shop Tomlinson has visited. Louis’ fans are doubtless hugely disappointed that no-one has yet managed to reveal whether Tomlinson prefers cappuccino to latte. It appears that the low-down on whether Louis likes skimmed or full cream milk have also eluded us.

Let’s face it, when you are Tomlinson, even the most mundane aspect of your life is likely to make the headlines. As Louis has discovered over the years when you hit the heights of stardom there is a price to play. That price is a loss of privacy. Andrew Joslyn is a writer, composer, producer and violinist and the orchestral director for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and recently said that stars lives now “are not entirely their own… they are the property of their adoring fans, the media, and the world.” This is something that Tomlinson recognizes all too well.

Morning News USA reports that Tomlinson and his friend Oli were being followed around L.A. by a paparazzo who kept asking questions about a One Direction reunion whilst recording the conversation on his smartphone. Louis was clearly in mischievous mood as he grabbed the reporter’s phone and passed it through a car window to a stranger who just happened to be passing. The video shows that Louis had a huge smile on his face as he played out his phone snatching antics. Louis told the stunned motorist “would you like a new phone here you go.”

Louis then jumped into his waiting car without answering the questions and left a stunned paparazzo to look on, struck virtually speechless. All the guy managed to stutter was “thanks Louis, have a good day.” Even the reporter was amused by Louis’ prank and happily the stunned motorist handed the phone straight back to the reporter.

Of course we are talking about Louis Tomlinson and some outlets seem determined to sensationalize the prank as something far more insidious. Unreality TV and others are reporting that Louis stole the reporter’s phone. Given that the phone was back in the reporter’s hand in about five seconds, claiming that Louis stole the phone is way over-the-top.

It is probably fair to say that Louis is entitled to get a little tetchy over being constantly photographed and followed as he goes about his daily business. It is disheartening to see some trying to paint Tomlinson as a thief after such a harmless and amusing prank.

It is interesting to see that many media outlets, including the Daily Mail have finally picked up on a story about Louis that was published in the Inquisitr over a week ago. As any Tomlinson fan is well aware, Louis is a huge supporter of charities that support sick kids and their families.

As well as supporting charities with his time and his cash Louis is adept at using his high-profile social media presence to raise awareness of causes close to his heart. Last year Louis’ mother, Johannah Deakin, became aware of a campaign to bring the plight of six-year-old Georgia Edwards to the notice of One Direction. Johannah arranged for little Georgia, who suffers from Rett Syndrome, to meet Louis and his bandmates backstage after a One Direction show.

Georgia’s parents are currently fundraising for equipment needed to enhance their daughter’s quality of life. Tomlinson showed yet again that those he has helped are constantly in his thoughts when he used his Twitter account to show his support for Georgia. Louis asked fans to support Georgia’s appeal if they were able.

It is obvious that Tomlinson has a good heart and that he uses his fame to help those who are in a less fortunate position than his own. You have to wonder why stories claiming that Tomlinson “stole” a reporter’s phone go viral in minutes whilst stories about Louis’ generosity are largely ignored. Does it really need to be the case that every story about Tomlinson comes with added negativity.

It really is time for media outlets to give Tomlinson the respect he shows to others.

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