‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6: Premiere Date Announced, Plus 3 New Characters And More ‘OUAT’ Spoilers

Once Upon A Time Season 6 finally has a premiere date, but that isn’t the only exciting news. The season finale teased the Land Of Untold Stories, but not much is known about it. What has been revealed is that three new characters will appear in the upcoming season of OUAT. Find out who they are and what details have been released.

Warning: Once Upon A Time Season 6 spoilers are ahead.

On the season finale of Once Upon A Time, fans were left with a cliffhanger. The Land Of Untold Stories was mentioned, but that wasn’t the only teaser for Season 6. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, fans were left wondering about several things. The Evil Queen and Regina make for one of them. Now that they are actually two separate personas, things will get complicated.

“The two roles are obviously going to be very separate in the sense that we saw a snippet of an Evil Queen who looked at what Regina has become and is very disappointed,” OUAT executive producer Edward Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly. “If she’s unleashed, she would show Regina what ripping away everyone’s happy ending truly looks like.”

Rumple and Belle, known to shippers as “Rumbelle” are two other characters that were left without closure. Belle put herself in a deep slumber, but what happens when she wakes up? Is her baby in danger? Will Rumple change and more importantly, will Belle take him back yet again?

Also, there was the little problem of Hyde and fans are waiting for more information on that character. The season finale of Once Upon A Time also hinted that Hook and Emma may get married, if the wedding dress really does mean anything.

The season finale of Once Upon A Time had references to stories that were not fairy tales. The Three Musketeers and Gulliver’s Travels were two of them. Of course, OUAT fans cannot ignore Jekyll and Hyde.

A spoiler report previously teased that fans would meet two new characters. The fist was Sinbad, a Middle Eastern/Arabic or North African male in his 30s. The character is “roguishly charming and a quick-witted hero.” Sinbad is kind, but lost his faith. As a result, he has issues leading his people.

The second OUAT Season 6 character announced was Scheherazade. The only thing known about her is that she doesn’t back down and is always prepared to fight. According to the casting notice, Scheherazade will be Middle Eastern or Arabic.

According to TV Line, there is one more to add to the list. Expect to see Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams in Once Upon A Time. According to the character synopsis, Morpheus will be “an old soul in a young body.” He will also have a talent for reading people, but can also hide his own agenda.

What else is known about Once Upon A Time Season 6? The season premiere, titled “The Savior” will begin moments after Hyde arrived in Storybrooke and greeted Regina. However, what happens next? OUAT co-creator Adam Horowitz teased that the characters from the Land Of Untold Stories will be explored. Viewers will discover what they are and “what their deal is.”

What do you think of the three character announcements for OUAT that have been made so far? What is your opinion on the Land Of Untold Stories? How will it fit in with Storybrooke? How will Regina handle the Evil Queen? Will Hook and Emma get married or will something try to come between them again? OUAT fans won’t have to wait long for answers. Once Upon A Time Season 6 premieres September 25 on ABC.

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