‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Does Carly Waddell Find Love?

Bachelor in Paradise won’t even air until August of 2016, but the big spoilers for the upcoming season are already coming out. Carly Waddell tried to find love last summer, and it looked like she might have found the one. At the end of the season, Kirk broke up with Carly and told her that he didn’t want to keep their relationship going outside of the show. It was hard on Carly, but she has dated since and then decided to come back on the show and give love another chance. Now Reality Steve is sharing if Carly will actually find love this time around or not.

Carly Waddell will end up getting her happy ending on this season of the show. She will actually meet Evan Bass on the show, and these two will fall in love. There are not a lot of spoilers out yet about how it goes down, but Carly and Evan end up engaged at the end of this season. Evan will propose, and she says yes to him.

Evan and Carly do have one thing going for them when it comes to making this relationship last outside of the show. They are both from Nashville. Considering that neither one of them has to pick up their entire life and move across the country to make this relationship work, that will make things a lot easier on them.

The Inquisitr shared that Carly Waddell was spotted with someone else from this season of the show while out in Nashville. She was seen at a Paul Simon concert with Wells Adams. The two were not all over each other, though and were probably just out as friends having a good time. Carly Waddell is a singer and Wells Adams is a radio personality, which means they may even already run in the same circles.

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are not the only couples to find love and get engaged this season. It turns out that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton also end up meeting on the show and getting engaged. They are the big couple that starts out together right away and lasts the entire season. Grant Kemp and Lace Morris will actually end up engaged at the end of this season as well. It is great that three couples end up engaged at the end of this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but the real test will be finding out if they can all make it work when they get back home again. Some of them will have to pick up and move to make their relationships works.

Wet Paint shared a few spoilers a while back about how things go for Carly Wadell on this season of the show. Mike Fleiss went to Twitter and shared that Carly Waddell had more than one guy fighting over her this season. He did tease that Chad Johnson was not one of the guys fighting over her, but Fleiss didn’t share who it is that wants to be with Carly. Maybe Wells Adams was one of the guys who was trying to win over Carly during the start of the show. Knowing that her connections with Evan wasn’t right away proves that it is going to be an interesting season on Bachelor in Paradise.

Are you shocked to hear that Carly Waddell and Evan Bass found love with each other on this season of Bachelor in Paradise? Do you think that this relationship can last? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching JoJo Fletcher try to find love on Monday nights on ABC on The Bachelorette.

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