Did Chris Harrison Just Reveal Jordan Rodgers Not JoJo Fletcher’s Final Pick On ‘The Bachelorette’?

JoJo Fletcher is the queen of tough decisions. Monday night’s Bachelorette ended with her foregoing the traditional elimination by giving all the men roses — after exiting to converse with Chris Harrison about her inability to send home one of the remaining two men. Ultimately, she kept them both around for another week after teasing that she just couldn’t give out the final rose — so she came back with two!

In his blog for Yahoo, Chris Harrison said JoJo’s decisions to keep all her suitors for another round of dates and cocktail parties was right for her, since she just wasn’t ready to say any of these men absolutely were not her future fiance — at least not yet.

Also providing some drama was yet another conversation between JoJo and Jordan Rodgers about why he’s on The Bachelorette, and whether he’s creating some conflict between the men. As the New York Post recapped, it happened after James questioned Jordan’s honesty and JoJo asked the football player to answer the accusations.

But Harrison may have let some news slip when he blogged that the tense conversation between JoJo and Jordan may not be the last. While there are no clear frontrunners at this point in Fletcher’s season, Rodgers was gifted the first impression rose on night one — an evening that now feels like a very long time ago. Harrison said the tension between JoJo and Jordan isn’t over yet — which calls into question whether he’ll be one of the two men left standing at the finale and whether future Bachelorette suitors really want the gift of the first rose of the season if they are really in it for love with the lady lead of the moment.

“When you live in a house with a bunch of guys dating your girlfriend, things are bound to get weird, and obviously there was some tension between James and Jordan. Where that came from is anyone’s guess really, as there are always several sides to any story, but once again, JoJo found herself in a position where she had to talk to Jordan about his intentions and Jordan found himself on the defensive again. I have a feeling this may be a recurring theme and once again the recipient of the first impression rose has a target on his back. Maybe it’s time to start hoping you don’t get that rose, gents!”

Of course, in other Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, certain contestants have been targets and nonetheless made it to the end, so Harrison’s prediction of future conflict doesn’t necessarily preclude a Rodgers proposal. After all, Kaitlyn Bristowe kept season bad boy Nick Viall all the way, only to break his heart.

James, as it turns out, was also one of the two men who were victims of JoJo’s end-of-episode tease, along with Alex. Both men got roses, but for awhile it seemed both were going home.

But JoJo didn’t tease Jordan, gifting the former sportsman, a brother of an NFL MVP and Super Bowl winner Aaron Rodgers, a rose without hesitation — although he didn’t get the one flower up for grabs during the group date when he and James caused controversy. The honor of that rose went to Luke.

While Jordan’s future beyond The Bachelorette is uncertain — as are his chances of getting that ultimate nod from JoJo — he may have shed some unfortunate light on his relationship with his brother, which he described as “complicated,” during a recent Skype interview, according to People. He also weighed in on his somewhat troubled relationship with some of the other men on the show and the accusations they have leveled against him.

“I don’t hold anything against anybody that said anything. I’m not sure why they would have said it, I feel like I was there with very genuine intents, and I feel like everybody knew that, but obviously not quite as well as I thought. It’s not true, so I laugh it off a little bit.”

This season of The Bachelorette is moving ahead quickly, as JoJo is quickly narrowing her group of suitors. The action happens every Monday night at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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