‘The Conjuring 3’ Moving Forward To The 1980s [Video]

The Conjuring franchise has been making massive box office returns over the past several years, and now that The Conjuring 3 is being touted, director James Wan has added some key insight as to what fans can expect.

As most The Conjuring fans already know, the films have been based off the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were famous for the investigations in the ’70s and ’80s of supernatural phenomena. They considered themselves demonologists as there was simply no other term for their work.

In the first two The Conjuring films, the Warrens, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the films, battled supernatural pests in Rhode Island and Enfield, England. Both of those films took place in the 1970s. But now, The Conjuring 3 will be taking place in a different place, or should we say a different time, according to IGN.

If there is one thing that James Wan doesn’t want to do with The Conjuring films, that’s to recycle old material that has already been done. He wants a fresh perspective for The Conjuring 3 that will give fans a whole new story in a whole new place. He wants it to be something that they have never seen before, which is why he never used Amityville as the sole basis of any of his films in The Conjuring franchise.

James Wan spoke with IGN about the future of The Conjuring franchise and using the material that has been lifted from the Warrens case files.

“They (The Warrens) do have a lot of stories so I think, organically, if we’re lucky enough to tell future chapters, there’s a lot of stuff we could be pulling from,” James Wan told IGN about the Warren files.

But he fell short of naming a specific Warren file that he wants to use for The Conjuring 3. That does not mean he doesn’t know where he will be going with the film, it just means that he is not ready to disclose that to fans of The Conjuring franchise.

“I do have something specific [for The Conjuring 3] but I’m not going to say it,” James Wan told IGN. “But I will say this – I do think Conjuring 1 and 2 are both set in the ’70s, I think Conjuring 3 has got to be set in the ’80s.”

There are a few cases from the 1980s that fans of The Conjuring franchise can get excited about. The Warrens may have been most famous for their work in the ’70s, but that does not mean they did not have major cases that broke through in the 1980s. It just means that the big “true horror” era of 1970s film was winding down and fans were getting more interested in films like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. The slasher craze was slowly replacing the haunters at the box office and the genre took a back seat, which included the media exposure.

One of the major Warren case files that came from the 1980s has also been immortalized in the film, A Haunting in Connecticut. But when that movie was made, it got critical reception from Lorraine Warren herself for being less authentic to the source material that she and her husband provided the filmmakers, according to NBC Connecticut.

“It’s a case that was much, much scarier than any movie could ever be,” Lorraine Warren told NBC Connecticut. “The movie is very, very loosely based on the actual investigation.”

With that in mind, there is a good chance James Wan will view that movie as a fraud that had never really told the real story and he could feature it in The Conjuring 3, given his sentiments for authenticity.

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