‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Makes A Stunning Announcement, Leaves Fans Bewildered

Could it really be true that there is another pregnancy in the works on General Hospital? It looks like that could very well be happening or it could be that it is not as it seems to be. According to the previews for Wednesday, Alexis Davis Jerome could really be expecting a baby.

The words, “I’m pregnant,” was actually uttered by Alexis herself in the previews for the upcoming episode of General Hospital. This is bringing on some confusion as to what this actually means. If this is indeed true, it couldn’t come at a more horrible time for Mrs. Jerome. She is currently being charged with the murder of Carlos Rivera and has to deal with her mobster husband that she doesn’t trust at all. Soap Shows also noted that Sonny will find out and will be the one to spill the news to Julian about his wife’s pregnancy.

Of course, something else could very well be up, like maybe she is faking it just to fool Julian into either confessing to his crime or to make sure that he doesn’t try to do away with her. She sure did sound sincere in the previews like she was shocked about the news, but that is just a tiny part of the episode. General Hospital fans will be able to see what will happen next on Wednesday’s show.

This whole pregnancy announcement is really a little too far-fetched when it comes to the expectant mother being Alexis Davis. She has three grown daughters and a grandchild. Of course, these things can happen. However, as Michael Logan of TV Guide has pointed out, this is really quite a stretch in this story line. That’s because he did an interview back in 2012 with actress Nancy Lee Grahn on her character going through menopause at that time. He called this possible pregnancy a “medical miracle” on Twitter as he posted the link to his chat with the General Hospital star. He was even appalled by it.

When he mentioned that now her character will not be able to bear any more unplanned babies, she had this to say about it.

“Not unless you want the baby to have three heads. Though that would be a soap first!”

It is a well-known fact that anything can happen on a soap opera, but fans do not like it when you go way off course or rewrite history. So this preview where Alexis says that she is pregnant may just be something totally different than what it appears to be.

Grahn talked about hot flashes in that interview with Logan and the whole idea of Alexis hitting her menopausal stage. She also wanted to be able to relate to female viewers of the soap. So, how can Alexis be pregnant four years later after menopause?

Since she is looking for a way to bring her husband down for the murder, she could be in cahoots with Sonny and Anna to do just that. A pregnancy announcement could definitely change things around.

In fact, a recent article by Soap Opera Digest suggested that this actually could be true that Alexis is carrying Julian’s child. At least there is a hint of something big happening in their lives soon. Co-head writer for General Hospital, Jean Passanante, mentioned that there will be an upcoming dramatic event that sounds like it will be quite huge. Is she talking about the fact that Alexis got arrested or something else entirely?

It is also said that both Alexis and Julian will each make some type of decision that affects both of them. This could very well include this possible pregnancy story line.

Do you think that Alexis is really pregnant? How would it affect this fan-favorite General Hospital couple in the long run?

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