‘Rage Rooms’ And ‘Anger Rooms’ Let You Break S*** Up! [Video]

Those who’ve seen anger rooms and rage rooms being used as a form of therapy on reality TV shows now have their own anger rooms where they can rage all they want with baseball bats and crowbars. As seen in the below video, certain anger and rage rooms are popping up around the country that allow folks to pay specific amounts to break stuff up. Many of the rage rooms provide protection to try and protect the person’s eyes, head, and their entire body as they rage on and break stuff. Certain anger rooms tell their patrons to wear long sleeves, long pants, and closed-toe shoes as further protection.

According to WKYC, rage rooms are all the rage, yes — and anger over politics or other frustrations could be fueling the rage rooms.

One particular rage room called Tantrums in Houston lets folks smash up TVs, washing machines and more. The tagline of the rage room is “Relaxation After Devastation.” People can pay $50 for 15 minutes to wreak as much havoc as they want upon many breakable things in the room.

Even though breaking old and unwanted things with sledgehammers or baseball bats is often seen as a form of releasing anger in a so-called “safe” way in therapeutic sessions on reality TV shows, some psychologists claim that the anger rooms could build rage in certain folks. Instead of offering a cathartic way to break things without harming anyone, the worries are that the rage rooms could fuel anger once the person goes home.

However, the reviews from people who have experienced the rage rooms and anger rooms for themselves are flowing into social media, with people claiming to experience many good benefits from smashing items and not having to deal with the consequences of tidying up or hurting anyone.

On Facebook, Cynthia Smith gave Tantrums a 5-star rating and called Tantrums a wonderful place to let go of frustrations.

“It’s a great place to go to get rid of the annoying little frustrations like construction traffic or when you’re just having one of those days. You go in the room and you can scream and yell and break stuff. Then when you come out…you just feel so much more relaxed. Love it!!”

The Anger Room is in Arlington, Texas. Their website contains content about accepting donations of some things that can be smashed by folks. Their cost is similar — about $45 for 15 minutes worth of time to smash things.

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As reported by the New York Daily News, the anger rooms are not just in Texas. In fact, rage rooms are appearing in cities around the world.

There’s the Smash Shack in North Carolina, which keeps a running count of all the broken plates and things on their website.

People who say they have plenty of stress in their lives claim that the rage rooms help channel some of that anger out of them. Whether they have gone through a bad breakup, a divorce — or even just have a propensity to want to destroy things — people who use the rage rooms are causing some of the anger rooms to be booked well in advance.

There are even “pop-up” rage rooms that allow people in many cities to vent their anger. Couples who want to go on a date night and break things together can do so as well. Whereas many of the rage rooms expected men to be their main customers, some anger room owners were surprised to see that women made up a large part of their clientele.

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Many of the comments on social media are from people asking for rage rooms in their own cities.

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