Magnify Releases New 2.0 Video Solution

Magnify is launching a new all-around 2.0 video solution for Web publishers. The expanded Magnify Multi-View Player, set to be announced this morning, aims to give blogs the ability to post their own videos — either by administrators or by end-users — and also embed other video from the Internet seamlessly within their sites. Similar to competitors such as Brightcove, the goal is to create an individual “video community” of sorts, with custom channels and moderation options specific to each blog.

Magnify’s new player offers a pre-roll adserver integration option, letting you insert your own pre-roll ads before your content if you so choose. It can be linked with DoubleClick’s DART service for tracking purposes or can be used with Magnify as a pre-roll ad server. (In that instance, Magnify splits revenue 50-50 with you.)

The MVP, as it’s being branded, can be downloaded and installed with some options, such as color and size customization, for free. To get customizable logos and skins, though, you do have to pay for an advanced package.

So far, Magnify claims more than 42,000 video channels hosted on its servers. The company has been around since 2006 and is headquartered in New York.

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