‘The Walking Dead’ Announces 2 New Characters For Season 7 [Spoilers]

If The Walking Dead spoilers that hit recently are to be believed, there are two major characters who will die early in Season 7 of the show. From the sound of it, those characters will be quickly replaced with new cast members, with Negan’s group, more Hilltop characters, and the Kingdom coming. IO9 reported on Tuesday that two specific new characters will be coming to The Walking Dead Season 7, and neither are names from the comic books.

These two new Walking Dead characters are Naomi and Jennie. The more boring sounding of the two is Jennie, who was described as a “sunny-side-up” teenager with a “world-weary toughness.” With Enid as the “world-weary” teenager from Alexandria, this sounds like maybe the start of a love-triangle with Carl, as Jennie sounds like she might be a mix of Beth and Enid. Beth was a polarizing character, but she had a lot of fans who were especially vocal after her death.

However, the second new Walking Dead character sounds a lot more interesting, at least for people who read the comics. The character of Naomi is not in the comics but the description sounds very familiar.

“Naomi is a grandmotherly type who, having lost so many loved ones, is now willing to do whatever it takes not to have to bury any more.”

So, Naomi is a grandmother type of character who will protect her own at all costs. That sounds a lot like Carol became over time, although Carol would still be a young grandmother. As for Naomi, could she be connected with Jennie and the two possibly be related? If so, that makes Naomi sound a bit like Herschel, which would be an interesting move as the deaths of Herschel and Beth were very emotional for fans of The Walking Dead.

Now, what makes the description of Naomi so interesting is that she also sounds exactly like a character that The Inquisitr previously reported was coming to the show. In a Walking Dead casting call back in May. That character was named Rogers and was described as someone who had lost loved ones and blames himself. He is determined not to lose anyone else close to him.

Could an older female actress have won the role and Rogers was changed into Naomi? It would be interesting to have two new Walking Dead characters with the exact same description in their personality and goals show up in the same batch of episodes. Rogers was set to appear for the first time in episode three while Cinema Blend reported that Naomi and Jennie will pop up in episode six. That is around The Walking Dead midseason finale, so there is a good chance that they are part of Ezekiel’s Kingdom.

The Walking Dead midseason finale should either need Negan to make his presence known in a violent way in Alexandria or for Rick and company to finally meet Ezekiel and gain their biggest allies. With the first few episodes likely to surround the upcoming major deaths on The Walking Dead. The show has always liked to drag its feet when getting to pivotal moments, and since Carol and Morgan are on their way to The Kingdom, it should take a good half of the season of The Walking Dead to connect them to Rick.

So, the announced characters so far in The Walking Dead Season 7 include Ezekiel, Rogers, Naomi, Jennie, and whoever shows up as part of The Kingdom, Saviors, and Hilltop Communities. The Walking Dead is about to be flooded with new characters, just in time for the upcoming war to slaughter many of them. The Walking Dead Season 7 should be a huge ride.

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