Kris Jenner Rooting For Daughter Khloe Kardashian To Host ‘The X Factor’

Kris Jenner is playing the supportive mother for her daughter Khloe Kardashian, offering encouragement for the idea of Khloe becoming the next host of The X-Factor.

Khloe is supposedly the top choice of Simon Cowell to join the show as its newest host, Reality TV Magazine reported. That would mean the family that has already spawned a number of reality-show spinoffs would entrench itself even further into television, and Kris Jenner seems to love the idea.

“Kris is over the moon that Khloe is the front-runner to host The X Factor,” said a source close to the family told “She knows that Khloe has what it takes and is just thrilled.”

It actually sounds fairly likely that Khloe Kardashian will be hosting the show next year. E! News reported that she is a frontrunner for the job, and Simon Cowell seemed to imply that he’s looking for people like Khloe.

“That will make it more interesting,” Cowell explained. “There’s so much talking on these shows, 11 or 12 minutes. It’s too boring, as Ryan [Seacrest] demonstrated, for one person to say everything. You’ve got to mix it up a little bit. I kind of know what we’re looking for, but that’s why we screen-tested people.”

Kris Jenner was reportedly the one who came up with the idea of Khloe hosting The X Factor, a friend of the family told

“Khloe has always wanted to be a talk-show host and [Kris Jenner]thinks that hosting The X Factor would be the perfect platform.”

Kris Jenner is high on her daughter’s interviewing skills, the report said, and has even pitched the idea of the two of them hosting a show together.

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