‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Wants Off Show Says Dad

Is Chelsea Houska planning to quit Teen Mom 2? The MTV reality star admitted that as she gets older and advances in her life, she has started to value her privacy like never before. Unfortunately, those feelings could lead to Chelsea leaving the show.

According to Wet Paint, Chelsea Houska’s father, Randy Houska, recently gave an interview on a dental podcast and talked about his famous daughter and Teen Mom 2.

Randy says Chelsea and her fiance, Cole DeBoer, are planning to get married this fall, and Houska will not allow MTV cameras to film the nuptials. Apparently, there was even some “fighting” about it between the Teen Mom and the network.

“Chelsea’s getting married in October…she drew the line [on filming the wedding]. She won’t let them tape it. That was a lot of fighting back and forth. They certainly wanted it.”

Chelsea Houska's dad Randy says she wants off reality TV.
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Randy also revealed that MTV offered to pay for the entire wedding if Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer would allow them to film the ceremony for Teen Mom 2, but Chelsea refused.

However, Randy says that Chelsea will allow MTV cameras to roll for the bachelorette party, and possibly, the bridal shower. As for the wedding, fans will get to see how beautiful Chelsea looks in her dress, along with moments from the ceremony and reception, as Houska has agreed to let the network use still photos from the occasion to debut on Teen Mom 2.

“She doesn’t need it paid for. I was very proud that she grew the balls to say no. They’ll go to the bachelorette party and stuff [to film], but for the wedding she agreed that she’ll send a bunch of professional still photos [to them to use for the show].”

Chelsea Houska’s father also revealed that he is so very proud of his daughter, despite the fact that she got pregnant at such a young age. Randy gushed over Chelsea’s accomplishments such has finishing school, being a good mom, and not sleeping around.

“I’m pretty biased, but I think she’s probably one of the best role models on the series. I’m not [saying] that to bash on the other girls but she went back to school, didn’t go bed-hopping with a bunch of guys, and concentrated on her career and her daughter until the right guy came along.”

Teen Mom 2: Will Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind quit the show?
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When asked if Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer would ever do their own Teen Mom spin-off series, Randy stated a firm no and dropped the bombshell that Chelsea is done with reality TV, and she is ready to lead a quiet, normal life.

“I believe she probably wouldn’t want to do that. She’s ready to quit. I don’t think I’m supposed to say that. If the series ends, she’s fine with it.”

Randy also revealed that the main reason Chelsea has stayed on the show for so long is because it has been a good source of income for her. However, she doesn’t like the drama that the producers sometimes create, especially with her baby daddy, Adam Lind.

As for Adam Lind, he and Chelsea Houska seem to be on the same page when it comes to Teen Mom 2. Aubree’s father recently stated during the Season 7 reunion special that he’s done with reality TV, and he does not want to film the series anymore. However, he did hint that if MTV offered him more money, he would return. When asked if she thought Adam would come back for more money, Chelsea said yes, adding that she’s fine with him quitting the show.

What are your thoughts on Chelsea Houska wanting to be done with Teen Mom 2? Do you think the show will end soon, or that she might quit?

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