‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Finds Trouble, Julian Contemplates Big Moves, Sonny Intervenes, And Nikolas And Ava Plan

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode detail that there is more drama on the way related to Julian, and viewers will see Jason facing trouble, as well. Kristina is starting to fall for Aaron, but fans have a hunch that he is hiding an explosive secret. Nikolas and Ava are still in a tough spot, but it sounds like a new plan is developing. What else is coming up on the June 28 show?

As everybody saw during Monday’s episode, Julian was being haunted by Carlos’ ghost, who was encouraging him to kill Alexis to ensure he would stay out of jail. Julian was seemingly contemplating taking drastic measures like this, but would he really go that far? Fans cannot imagine that Julian would kill Alexis, regardless of how desperate he is, but GH teasers indicate that this potential line of thinking continues during Tuesday’s episode.


The last that viewers saw of Alexis she had headed up to take a bath, and General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will soon stop by the house. He has warned Alexis again and again about being with Julian, but she has brushed off his concerns every time. Will she finally be ready to listen?

Alexis knows that this is a dangerous and delicate situation with Julian, so she may open up to Sonny about this a bit. The previews show Sonny ringing the doorbell, and SheKnows Soaps shares that soon he will be shaking things up for Julian in a major way.

Kristina has been getting closer and closer to Aaron, but she has not completely let go of what she felt for Parker, either. Teasers indicate that Aaron and Kristina will be spending some time together again, and he asks her who Parker is, a question she surely doesn’t want to have to answer. It seems that she will continue to feel a bit torn over her feelings for both Aaron and Parker, and everybody will be curious to see where things head on this front.

Viewers have been buzzing with theories about Aaron, with many suspecting that he is using Kristina and has some ulterior motives. Some even wonder if he could turn out to be a surprise child of Sonny’s, although it would be fair to say that the soap has already dipped into that storyline previously. Is this newcomer legitimate in just wanting to get to know Kristina, or should she be wary of him?

Ava and Nikolas are still in London and working on staying out of trouble, but things are getting complicated. Nikolas is anxious to get to Greece, and General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central share that she will soon be helping him in a big way. She has her own problems right now, and both Ava and Nikolas are in a tough spot at this point, but it looks like they may work together to try to resolve their respective issues.

Sam has decided to head back to Port Charles to check on Alexis, leaving Jason behind in London. GH teasers indicate that he will be facing some trouble during Tuesday’s show, as someone holds a gun on him, and it seems he will end up knocked unconscious. Who is behind this trouble at this point, and how will Jason get out of this mess this time?

In addition, during the next episode, Lulu and Dante will talk about the Nikolas situation as she wonders whether she should do something to honor him. How much longer will Nik be able to keep everybody in the dark about his scheme? How will he eventually be busted and who will piece it all together? There are juicy twists and turns on the way and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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