Landon Clements Speaks Out On Trip With Thomas Ravenel, Says Kathryn Dennis’ Fans Are Just Like Her

Landon Clements has received a lot of criticism from some Southern Charm viewers for her treatment of Kathryn Dennis over this past season. The criticism continued after Part 1 of the Season 3 reunion show aired on Monday night. As expected, Landon and Kathryn clashed during the reunion, particularly over Thomas Ravenel. Kathryn maintained that Landon slept with Thomas while Landon continued to deny it. In support of her claim, Kathryn dropped the bombshell that Landon went on a Valentine’s Day vacation with Thomas that was originally meant for her. Kathryn and Landon also had tension due to Landon pointing out that Kathryn failed a drug test that was a part of her child custody battle with Thomas. When Kathryn challenged Landon to prove it, Landon told Thomas to bring out the evidence, which prompted Kathryn to walk off the set in disgust.

On social media after the reunion show aired, Landon spoke out about the trip that she went on with Thomas. In response to a photo that Landon posted of herself, Cameran Eubanks and Whitney Sudler-Smith on the reunion show set, a viewer left a comment that bashed Landon for going on a trip, over Valentine’s, with a man who just had a second child with another woman. The viewer pointed out that it was right of Landon to do, even if she doesn’t get along with Kathryn. The viewer added that Landon knew that it would cause drama so she shouldn’t be so surprised and act all innocent when it comes back to bite her.

“nicolagcarter: No laughs here. You travel to Europe with a man over Valentines who has just had a second child with a woman you have issues with- it’s not right, because you had to know it would be hurtful even if you don’t care for her. You knew it would put you in the middle of things, anyone would. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should- maybe it’s time to stop acting surprised by the consequences.”

Landon responded to the comment. She clarified that she and Thomas did not travel together to Europe. She also told the viewer to at least get the facts straight if she’s going to stalk her page.

“alandonclements: @nicolagcarter we did not travel to Europe together if you are going to stalk my page at least get the facts right! Bye????????”

The viewer may have thought that it was London that Kathryn and Thomas went together on over Valentine’s. Early last year, Thomas and Landon met up in London, as evidenced by a photo that Landon posted on her Instagram page.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Thomas Ravenel said in a recent interview that when he met up with Landon Clements in London, it was Landon’s idea to post a photo of them together on social media in order to “create a stir.” Thomas commented that it really just created a stir with Kathryn Dennis.

It was never discussed during the Southern Charm season that Landon and Thomas went on a vacation together. During the season, Kathryn only kept saying that Landon slept with Thomas. On the season finale episode, Kathryn continued repeating her claim and demanded that Thomas admit to it. Thomas, like Landon, denied that he and Landon ever had anything sexual.

On the reunion show, when Landon said that Kathryn went on a Twitter rant about her after the Season 2 reunion show, Kathryn said that she did so because Landon went on a trip that Thomas originally planned with her.

“Because you went on the trip for Valentine’s Day that Thomas and I had planned for each other.”

“I didn’t know that,” Landon replied.

Thomas said that he and Kathryn were separated at that point.

“We were separated. She [Landon] made in no uncertain terms that I want my own bedroom and I said, ‘You’ll have your own bedroom,’ and she made it very clear, don’t even try.”

Kathryn let out an expletive. Cameran Eubanks piped up to say that Kathryn gets paranoid over situations. Kathryn said that she’s not paranoid because it actually happened.

“I’m not paranoid. I know that they hooked up.”

Landon said that wasn’t true.

“It never happened. We’ve never hooked up.”

Kathryn said that she knows it to be true because she was told that it happened by a very credible source. Kathryn added that Landon has sex with everyone.

“I’ve been told a very credible source. I know what happened. You f**k everything that you see.”

Landon, who used to be friends with Kathryn, immediately retorted that Kathryn is the one who has had sex with every one of the male co-stars on the set.

“No I don’t Kathryn. You’ve f**ked everyone on this sofa!”

On Instagram, Landon also replied to a fan who told Kathryn’s fans that she’s a “hot mess train wreck.” Landon told her fan to not worry about Kathryn’s fans who go after her. Landon quipped that anyone who sees eye-to-eye with Kathryn is just like her.

“pareesalilac: Are you people for real? Kathryn is a hot mess train wreck”

“alandonclements: @pareesalilac don’t worry about them. Anyone who sees eye to eye with Kat is just like her and not worth your strife. Thanks for the love????”

To one of those critics, Landon said that she’s being honest with everyone and everyone else.

“alandonclements: @kaseycooperk9carnival I am being honest with myself and with everyone else. It’s not my fault if you don’t want to believe the truth. As for negative comments I simply don’t want that in my life after all this is MY feed. Bye. Kasey????????”

Landon Clements also seemingly blamed Bravo for how catty and mean she has come off this past Southern Charm season in regards to Kathryn Dennis. In response to one viewer who told Landon to be a woman who supports other women rather than cut them down, Landon told the viewer to tell that to Bravo.

“sheamychel: @alandonclements loved you last season, though this season you came off quite catty, jusgemental and snarky. Compassionate was a better look on you. Let’s women support women, not cut them down. It’s not ok to call women crazy and evil. Find your nice girl again sister, cheers!”

“alandonclements: @sheamychel great tell that to Bravo.”

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