‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kate And Andre Work On A Partnership, Chad Learns More About Abigail’s Situation, And Summer Worries About Janet

What can fans expect from Tuesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives? Spoilers indicate that there is more related to Abigail and Chad on this show, and viewers will see some action concerning Janet and her desire to track down her brother Clark as well. Aiden is working hard to woo Hope, and Claire is sticking up for Theo. Kate and Andre are angling as Nicole’s desperation intensifies, and Deimos will soon be shaking things up quite a bit on this front. What else is coming up in this June 28 show?

As everybody saw on Monday’s episode, Andre and Kate spent some interesting time together as he dug around to figure out the truth about Deimos. Kate has backed herself into a bit of a corner with her scheme, and Andre seems to want to form a partnership. According to the DOOL teasers from SheKnows Soaps, Andre will put together a plan of some sort, and it seems that he and Kate will soon be working together in what could become a powerful and dangerous partnership.

Theo tried to reunite with Ciara recently, but he was left dejected when she turned down his advances. He is growing closer to Claire, and Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Theo and Claire will share some touching moments with one another during Tuesday’s show. In addition, Claire and Ciara will talk, and Claire apparently tries to talk some sense into her friend as she sees where things are headed regarding Ciara and her feelings for Chad.

Abigail took off from Shady Hills during Friday’s episode in what were actress Kate Mansi’s final scenes in the role. Abby will reportedly remain off-screen until the fall when Marci Miller takes over the role, but that doesn’t mean that viewers won’t see the storyline move forward. DOOL teasers share that Chad will learn more about Abby’s departure from Shady Hills during Tuesday’s show, and he will surely be quite distressed by this.

Clark’s sister Janet has arrived in Salem to look for her brother, and she went straight to Summer for answers. However, Summer will be scrambling and desperate to cover up the fact that Clark died during a fight with her. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Summer will connect with Dario to discuss the situation. It is known that she plans to leave Salem relatively soon, and some wonder if Janet’s arrival in town might be the catalyst for this departure.

Hope and Aiden have decided to head to the Green Mountain Lodge for some quiet time together. He is desperate to win her back fully, and she has decided to be open to trying to reunite. Of course, he is still hiding many secrets from her, and it seems certain that sooner or later she will become aware of his lies. How close will the two become again before things fall apart?

As the rest of the week plays out, Nicole will find out that Deimos is alive. As Soap Central shares, she will learn that he is at Chloe’s place, and she will be quite dismayed to find out that he wants to gain revenge against Kate before revealing to anybody else that he is still alive. Deimos and Nicole will form something of an alliance with one another, but will they be successful in taking down Kate and her new partner, Andre?

Secrets are swirling throughout Salem, and it seems like it is surely just a matter of time before things explode. Who will prevail and who will falter as the chaos erupts? Will Andre and Kate prevail with their new partnership, or can Chloe, Nicole, and Deimos turn things around? Days of Our Lives fans are anxious to see where things are going, and there are wild times ahead as it all comes together.

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