‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Update & Spoilers

American Horror Story fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for some news about Season 6 of the hit FX series. While Ryan Murphy and company are keeping things under wraps, there has finally been a new update and perhaps a few spoilers to look forward to until the show’s next season debuts in October.

According to E! Online, the official American Horror Story social media accounts have updated their profile pictures to a cryptic number six, with a question mark embedded in it.

While the American Horror Story Season 6 theme or plot has not been confirmed as of yet, things are going to be very different this time around, says actor Cheyenne Jackson, who played Will Drake during Season 5’s Hotel.

Jackson confirmed that filming for Season 6 has already started, and it is unlike anything the show has ever done before, but he refused to speak about any storylines. “Just different. You’ll see. Wild horses wouldn’t make me reveal the plot.”

American Horror Story Season 6 Spoilers and Update.
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The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, hasn’t been much help either. Murphy had not given any information or spoilers since March when he told Paleyfest fans that they were working on two different ideas for Season 6.

“We’ve been working on two ideas at once, which we’ve never done, so I don’t want to say what it is,” Murphy told the crowd. “But…it will have a different form than we’ve ever done.”

Meanwhile, American Horror Story fans may be able to expect some sort of storyline with children. Ryan did seem to hint that kids could be the key to Season 6.

“If you look at horror tropes, the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world is always very dramatic and satisfying.”

American Horror Story viewers have been hearing rumors and creating speculation about what the Season 6 plot may be. A season about the myth of Slender Man has been rumored, as well as storylines about a summer camp, cruise ship, Area 51, an orphanage, a cult, Bloody Mary, a hospital, a prison, a funeral home, and and other exciting possibilities have been circulating online. have been circulating online.

Season 6 is expected to debut in October like all of the other seasons before it, and it will include many familiar faces per usual. Cheyenne Jackson has already confirmed his involvement in the upcoming season. Angela Bassett and American Horror Story Hotel‘s breakout star, Lady Gaga, will also return. However, Gaga may not be featured as prominently as she was in Season 5, and she is rumored to play the sidekick of a serial killer in season 6.

Fans also expect Evan Peters, who has appeared in every season, as well as Sarah Paulson, who pulled double duty on FX last year with AHS and American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, to return.

Happily, the new social media profile hint is giving fans something to talk about during their long wait. One fan revealed that the number six was so prominent that she believed the season could be about the Antichrist.

There are endless possibilities about what American Horror Story Season 6 could feature as its main storyline, and part of the fun is trying to figure out what that plot may be before it’s announced to the public. Whatever it is, the loyal fans are already quite eager for the series to return this fall.

What are your thoughts on the latest American Horror Story news? What would you like to see in Season 6 of the show?

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