Shep Rose On Why He Laughs At Arrest And Kathryn Dennis Is Judged For Failed Drug Test

Shep Rose is known as the man who can do just about anything on Southern Charm. Despite running a few establishments, Shep has money from his family and he doesn’t have a woman in his life to whom he has to be accountable. Rose enjoys living his life his way, and that can sometimes get him into trouble. On this season of the show, Rose did learn that Landon Clements tried to hook up with him because she loved him, but he shut her down. As he explained during the reunion, emotions scare him. But apparently, drugs don’t scare him at all.

According to a new tweet, Shep Rose is now defending his story about his arrest on the reunion special. During the reunion, Rose told a story about when he got high with a friend and got arrested. While spending time behind bars, the police officer told him to be nice to Craig Conover. It was supposed to be a funny story, but when they laughed at his story and then judged Kathryn Dennis for failing a drug test, fans thought it was wrong. Luckily, Rose was ready to explain why Dennis’ situation is different.

“Kathryn Dennis is ridiculed about allegedly failing a drug test. Same folks laughing after Shep Rose tells his ‘shroom story. Hate much?” one person wrote to both Shep and Kathryn after watching the Southern Charm reunion special last night, to which Shep replied, “I can do what I want to when ever I want to as long as I don’t get caught. Nobody is drug testing me for custody. Difference.”

Dennis is trying to get custody of her children and keep them in her care, but it sounds like Thomas Ravenel wants to make sure that she’s completely capable of taking care of their two children. The details of the failed drug test didn’t get revealed on last night’s reunion special, but could be discussed more next week. But fans of Southern Charm just wanted to give Kathryn a chance, as everyone makes mistakes — including Shep Rose.

“Yes but man boy man Shep has never had a judgement of 50 year old fuck up of a public servant who ditched BC?” another person asked Rose, to which he responded, “that was her choice. You are blinded by gender. She wanted the ladder. Jesus. Does bravo have to draw a picture?”

Of course, Rose may not have anything against Kathryn. He may not even know what the failed drug test is all about. Usually, Shep talks about taking the high road, which is why he has desperately tried to include her in everything he’s doing on the show, including his birthday party.

“Your mantra ‘take the high road’ do you say that to Kathryn??” one person asked, to which Shep Rose replied, “she doesn’t really listen to advice. Either does Thomas. They both have nice qualities but volatility can be off the charts.”

It’s no secret that Dennis and Thomas don’t get along. They clearly didn’t want to work things out when they were filming. But some fans believe that Kathryn just needs to mature and that Landon Clements needs to stay out of matters that are none of her business.

“From the few minutes we get to see, they both need to slow down. Let’s remember as smart as Kathryn is she’s still young,” one person wrote, while another added, “Watching tonight Landon’s volatility was off the charts. She seems to feel entitled to stick her nose into anyone’s business.”

What do you think of Shep Rose’s tweets about the drug stories? Do you think he has a point in the matter of being high for fun versus being high in a custody battle involving the courts?

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