‘Southern Charm’ Whitney And Mama Patricia Are Mad Tweeting About K. Cooper Ray, But Fans Aren’t Having It

Sure, the Southern Charm reunion show was the major drama fest yesterday, but out of the blue, Whitney Sudler-Smith started a Twitter war on behalf of himself and his mother against stylist and designer K. Cooper Ray. The parting of the ways between Patricia Altschul and K. Cooper Ray was featured on Southern Charm when Patricia essentially told Cooper in true middle school style that if he was friends with Kathryn Dennis, he couldn’t be friends with her and the “cool kid.” To his credit, Cooper chose his actual friend. But now, Whitney has erupted on Twitter with a bucketful of hate, but Cooper and his fans are coming up with words of support, and “Twips,” which are clever Twitter quips.

According to the Inquisitr, finding out who is real and who is a hypocrite on Southern Charm has been difficult when most of the cast is pointing fingers at Kathryn Dennis. For all the finger pointing and society posturing, Patricia Altschul and her son Whitney, who have been called “carpetbaggers,” as they are “Yankees” who came south to Charleston to make a name for themselves. The stories via people like Suzanne Kent Cooke, former wife of Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke (now deceased) about Patricia poaching antiques from her former husband are legendary.

All About the Tea called the battle between Whitney Sudler-Smith and K. Cooper Ray a “delectable hors d’oeuvre” before the dramatic main course which is the Southern Charm reunion. It allegedly started with a “fan” tweeting Whitney of all people that Cooper “made up” the Founder’s Ball, and that he isn’t even from Charleston (indeed, Cooper is not from Charleston, but he is from Alabama, which is the south, unlike Whitney, who is from DC). Whitney responded that the cast had shunned Cooper early in the season, because he alleges that Cooper was going to go all Deep Throat, and tell stories about production to a local paper.

Twitter war launched!

And even more comments, knocked down by Cooper followed. Unlike Patricia and Landon of Southern Charm, Cooper doesn’t seem to block his trolls.

It’s all very odd, because though hateful words are being tossed around now, Cooper was sought out by Whitney for credibility, and Patricia coveted his friendship, all until he formed a redhead bond with Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, and then he became persona non grata at Pat’s parties featuring flamingos and her boy Whitney’s friends (odd note, are all of Patricia’s friends, other than Thomas under fifty? Are there no other senior citizens in Charleston? Just curious).

But Bravo provided some of the details that led Patricia to say in her best put-on Blanche DuBois accent that Cooper was “the poor mans’s Truman Capote.” But Cooper claimed that no offense was taken to the Truman Capote part, but he was offended by part two of the Patricia-ism that insisted that Cooper gossips. Total pot-kettle moment.

“Well, I will say that the ‘poor man’s Truman Capote’ was brilliant. Vintage Patricia, and I loved it. I took exception to the fact that she said, ‘He just wants to gossip,’ because I don’t gossip, and I shut it down.”

Before the current Twitter war, Cooper called the divide between himself and Patricia as an estrangement, but after some of the barbs, I’d now call it the continental divide.

“Her estrangement toward me is due to Kathryn. My estrangement toward her is because she insulted me this summer.”

But fans seem to love them some K. Cooper Ray, as his Twitter followers double each day, and his Snapchat of Southern Charm is legendary.

There is far more nasty to go around, and it will likely overflow onto next week’s Southern Charm reunion Part 2.

Are you #teampatricia or #teamcooper on the Southern Charm Twitter battle?

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